Wednesday, June 5, 2013

45 Pounds (more or less)

45 Pounds (more or less) by K.A. Barson


Let me start out by saying that this book needs to be read by every woman in America (15-80).  Ann Galardi is an overweight teen the blurb says she is 16 and a size 17.  I can relate because I remember in my 4th grade God Bless America play we had to wear a red white or blue dress and my mother taking me shopping just to find that there were not any dresses in those colors that fit.   I ended up getting a maternity navy and white striped shirt and wore it as a dress. I will never forget that day, my mother had to alter the pregnancy panel and I didn’t understand why she bought a new dress for me and had to sew it back together.  As a matter of fact she made a lot of my clothes, but I just thought that I was special, not fat. That was in the late 80’s early 90’s.  I don’t know what I would have done if I was born any later with all the body image issues of today.  Needless to say that I can relate to Ann, hell I was her. 

So as I am reading about all the body image issues Ann has and all the shopping mishaps, I am laughing because I have had them too and they are right on point.  From getting stuck in clothes in the dressing room to eating when nothing fits.  Fortunately my weight came off some into high school, but as soon as college started I blew up again. So where I did have body image issues, I did not have to deal with all the bullying and ridicule that most have to. Although I was never smaller than a size 10 in high school. Ann does a good job in the novel dealing with the ridicule and had a good attitude with the stress.

It is true about the shoes, us fat girls tend to have a shoe fetish because 90% of the time that is all that we can go into a store and buy.  Working in  the fast food joint was spot on too that Ann did not eat anything because of her size she did not want anyone seeing her eat or thinking that she ate there made her self conscious.  And Ann’s mouth, foul as it may be, is spot on at least for me.  I tended to get angry, loose my temper, and cuss like a sailor.  Of course, then I had kids and had to cool the mouth.  So the author was either fat herself, had great insight, or did some great research (which I commend on whatever route it is).

I thank God everyday that my mother being a size 4, was not anything like Ann’s mother because I don’t know if I could have handled it gracefully.  Ann’s mother, Suzy, is always watching what Ann eats, monitoring her portions, giving her diet tips, and telling her what foods make her fat.  This lady’s whole life seems to be revolved around what to put in her mouth and what not to.  My mother did by me diet pills once and it tore me to pieces even though I took them, I felt like a failure just like Ann.

This book was hilarious, great, and enjoyable bringing back memories of my teen and early adult years, so I encourage every woman out there to read it.  Young or old, skinny or fat, bully or nice girl you must read this book!  If you are not the main character in this book, then trust me you know someone who is and I commend the author for writing something that will hopefully encourage girls and women off all ages.

This book touches many taboo subjects and when is all said and done makes a great statement: no one is perfect no matter how you see them!  Bravo Ms. Barson Bravo!

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