Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quality Candy

Quality Candy by Ava Catori

 2 stars

Quality Candy is a new adult romance by Ava Catori.  I don’t have a lot of good things to say about this one folks.  Sorry.  I felt the premise was good but the delivery was bad.

The main character Candy was flawed beyond belief, and I just could not connect with this story.  It also felt repetitive; the plot lagged and seemed detached.  This book was mediocre at best.  I did, however, love the cover.  The best I can do on this one is 2 stars and one star is for the cover itself.


Candace Brown had a past, one that she kept well hidden. Now that she had snagged a promotion at work, she was feeling pretty good about herself - that is until Ryan enters the pictures.
Ryan Gentry knows Candy's past. In fact, she's the one who took his virginity ten years ago. Only seeing her unexpectedly throws him off of his game, and he finds himself attracted to the girl he once knew.
Avoiding Ryan becomes Candace's goal, until he lands smack in her office. Can she continue to push him away when chemistry starts to brew? Accepting Ryan into her world means accepting her past, and that's one thing she's still running from.
How far would you run to escape your past, and what would you sacrifice to keep a firm grip on your future? Candace Brown is about to find out.

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