Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love Rehab

Love Rehab by Jo Piazza



OK so when saw this cover, which I loved, and read the blurb I thought that I would give it a shot and a change up from the long string of endless romances that I have been reading (thanks Susie…I’m beginning to miss my vampires and werewolves).  Being chick lit and not my genre I didn’t really know what to expect, but I started reading and then laughing, continued reading and then rolling on the floor laughing.

This book was so funny and the situations that these girls find themselves in are so funny and so believable in today’s society of women need to be married by 25.  The story did lag in spots but stick with the 12 steps and it will be worth your reading pleasure. 

Sophie and Annie have been friends since they can remember.  Both are in need of a lifestyle makeover.  Sophie gets dumped by cheating Eric and starts cyber stalking him, calling and texting, and finally gets drunk and starts a blog with some of his past sexts; yes she devotes a blog to his junk.  Annie gets drunk and steals a police car, after being sentenced to AA and loosing her license Sophie takes responsibility and drives her to the first meeting.  Sophie soon realized she is in dire need in a love intervention because she is addicted to love. And Love Rehab is born.

This is a book about friendships, love, and support with hilarious stories, bad karaoke, and life lessons along the way.

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