Friday, May 31, 2013

Tempting Cameron

Tempting Cameron by Karen Erickson


Tempting Cameron is the second book in the Lone Pine Lake series by Karen Erickson.  I have not read the first book in this series but this second book had great stand alone quality and I did not feel lost in the plot or back-story of the characters.

This easy read is not short on romance but is lacking in the steam factor.  If you are looking for a cute summer read this is the one for you. 


The girl next door never looked so good...
For Cameron McKenzie, Chloe Dawson has always just been his younger sister Jane’s best friend—a pesky annoyance who followed him around and acted like he hung the moon. It isn’t until Jane’s wedding to her firefighter beau Chris that Chloe reappears in his life…and she isn’t pesky or annoying anymore. In fact, the beautiful Chloe tempts him beyond reason. But Cam knows he’s damaged goods—not nearly good enough for Lone Pine Lake’s resident good girl.
Chloe’s always dreamed of a future with the dark, brooding Cam, and after they share an explosive kiss, she wonders if her dream could be coming true. Cam’s never stuck around his hometown for long, though, so she makes him an offer: one sweet summer romance with no strings attached. This good girl’s ready for an adventure…one that just might end up lasting a lifetime.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Real Men Don't Quit

Real Men Don’t Quit by Coleen Kwan

This book is the second release in the Real Men series.  Real Men Don’t Quit is a cute quick read by Coleen Kwan is sure to leave readers with a smile.  The setting of this book is Australia but will not have a problem crossing over to American readers.   This book was ok, not great, but entertaining none the less.  I do not feel the need to read this first book in this series and could take or leave the next one.  This book had a stand alone feel and the plot is self supportive.  This book is a solid 3 stars.

Serial bachelor. Celebrity author. Her perfect forever?

When famous author Luke Maguire decides to write his next novel in the small town of Burronga, Australia, he's sure he can ignore the fiery redhead next door. Not only has he just been burned from a high-profile breakup, but he's never been one to set down roots. No, he'll finish his novel and leave Burronga. And soon.

Tyler Jones just wants to run her business with her best friend, Ally, and take care of her three-year-old daughter, Chloe. She's never needed help from anyone, especially not a man, and the brooding, rugged writer next door can't tempt her. Not in the least.

Only Tyler and Luke can't stay away from each other. So they set rules. No staying overnight, no future plans, no sappy good-byes when Luke inevitably quits town. But the chemistry between them is too strong to contain in a rulebook. Are Luke and Tyler ready to risk their lives of independence for something more?


True by Erin McCarthy


True is an awesome New Adult read. I have never read anything by Erin McCarthy, but I can now say that I am a fan. I have quickly fallen in love with the New Adult genre and I am happy I get to read a review books in this genre.  I feel like I have read enough in this particular genre to give Ms. McCarthy a standing ovation. I really enjoyed this book and am so excited for the next installment. This gut wrenching new series follows the lives of a geeky girl and a totally hot guy and their friends and family during their college years.

Rory Macintosh, a college sophomore and geeky premed student, inadvertently reveals to her roommates Kylie and Jessica, and their boy toys Nathan and Tyler, that she is in fact a virgin.  The roommates pull together a plot to help Rory loose her virginity and gain confidence by hiring Jessica’s friend with benefits Tyler to help her out with her “V” card. 

Tyler Mann is a 22 year old tattooed EMT student who is barely scraping by and his alcoholic mother is no help to him or his 3 brothers.  Tyler takes on the parental role of his two younger brothers one who is “mixed” and the other has Down’s syndrome. The extra cash that Rory’s roommates are offering will help out with the kids and bills. 

Tyler and Rory dive right in to their relationship and Tyler can not take the money or her virginity.  Rory can’t believe someone as hot as Tyler could want some nerdy girl like her and Tyler is torn between bringing Rory into his disheveled life and letting her go for good. 

This whirlwind romance had me from the first page and kept me turning until the last sentence.  I absolutely loved this book, but did feel the ending was kind of rushed and I didn’t get the happily ever after that I thought the characters deserved.  Then I continued turning and discovered that this is a series and I fell in love with this writer and this book all over again.  I can always get my happily ever after in the next chapter of this series. 

The obstacles that these characters face are so believable and I am so sympathetic to their situations; those scenarios really brought me into this story and made the characters believable.  This story really flowed well and readers will appreciate this well written book.

I give this book a 5 star review.  If you are looking for a not so sappy twist on a love story pick up this book.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rebellion: Lost City Shifters

Rebellion: Lost City Shifters by Eleri Stone

This is the third book in the Lost City Shifters series and I can honestly say that I just could not get into this book.  I am huge fan of paranormal and especially werewolves, but this book just didn’t pique my interest.  I read and I skimmed and I read and skimmed some more.  I don’t know if it was the third book, because the backstory was there; it had good stand-alone quality.  Sorry folks this one just didn't do it for me. 


Cole Brandt is a wolf shifter, sent by his pack to the Amazon jungle to negotiate a treaty. He's unaware that the kingdom of jaguar shifters he's meant to meet with has split—and Cole's suspicion that jaguars are selfish and deceitful is confirmed when he's seized by the rebel faction.

Taya Silveira, a jaguar shifter and fierce warrior loyal to the king, resents being assigned Cole's rescue. She doesn't approve of his pack's involvement in her jungle—to her, wolves are greedy, weak creatures who will exploit the resources the Yaguara protect.

Struggling against centuries of ill will and prejudice, Cole and Taya must work together to prevent a devastating civil war. They can't deny their physical attraction—with the heightened senses of shifters, their desires are plain. But if they give in to passion, they may be forced to choose between staying with their tribes, or staying together

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grave Sight

Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Mysteries, Book 1)
I recently reread Grave Sight and thought that I would include a review for it on our blog. In fact, I’ve read all of the books in this series-the Harper Connelly series-before, and I’ve enjoyed all of them.

First off, Charlaine Harris is by far, one of my favorite authors. She has such a knack for writing flawed and interesting characters and if I were a writer myself, if there was one author that I would want to emulate in terms of character development, it would be her. I like that her characters have emotional baggage and they’re not perfect Ken and Barbie dolls (unless they’re vampires or werewolves). But even then, they’re flawed, yet it’s not in an over-the-top melodramatic way. Granted there were some annoyances and I had some gripes, but overall, I liked the Sookie Stackhouse series a lot. I particularly liked the unique cast of characters in the Sookie Stackhouse series. And with this series, I liked the two main characters and I liked how the book was scaled down in terms of overlapping characters from book to book. Truthfully, it didn’t need a huge reoccurring cast.

In this book, you have Harper Connelly, who like Sookie, has an extra-sensory ability; hers is that she’s able to “find” dead bodies and sense how they died. The difference here is that these books are firmly grounded in the real world, as opposed to one shared with all manner of paranormal creature. How did she get this unusual talent? She was struck by lightning as she was curling her hair (sounds like she has my kind of luck;). Using her talent to their monetary advantage, she and her stepbrother Tolliver, have started this business where Harper hires herself out to find someone’s loved one or determine how someone’s loved one really died.

This story really works because you have a good balance here between the two protagonists, who are polar opposites. On one hand, Harper is a tad of a nervous bird and a bit high-strung, but Tolliver looks out for her and he grounds her, as he’s very rational and level-headed. He’s a touch laid-back, too; a cool bird to her nervous one. I don’t want to say much more about the dynamics of their relationship, but I will say that I have a soft spot for Tolliver and it got softer as the series went on. Furthermore, he’s not your traditional, run-of-the-mill hero (i.e., one nights are very commonplace).

This book is classified as a mystery-and what a mystery it is; with plenty of action and twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. If you’re already a fan of her Lily Bard series, give this one a try, because you might like it. Albeit, it’s a little lighter than that series, it does have a little more of that dry wit, that Harris is known for.

 Grave Sight – 4 stars out of 5!

Reviewed by Susannah B;)

Sorry, no playlist with this one.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hollywood Strip

Hollywood Strip by Sharmron Moore


Hollywood Strip seems to be the first book written by Shamron Moore.  I could not find any other published work under the author’s name.  This book is set to hit shelves June 18, 2013. 

Let me start out by saying the synopsis of this book seems promising, but the story didn’t reach its full potential for me.  I could see this book being so much better with less filler and more focus.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked this book but I didn’t feel vested in the plot. 

It seems like the author tried too hard to fit every idea in this book.  In my opinion, if this book was edited properly it would be so much better.  I can see this book as a hit or even, dare I say, a series (yes I know I secretly want most book to become a series) but with a good editor I would follow Callie’s story to the next chapter.  I would like to know what happens with Mitch and Victoria.  Honestly that is the reason I kept reading this book. 

Don’t get me started on the ending that was rushed so bad that you almost feel like you were cheated or wasted hours reading this book.  And the cover was atrocious. As far as grandma’s name Esme isn’t that one of the Twilight characters?  How original.

On a positive note, the drama, rendezvous’, back stabbing, cursing, Tyler, and the ever so hot Evan (even though that whole situation was leaving me saying WTF?) did work for the book. 

I hate to rip a book apart but I did like the plot and I believe it has good potential with, again, good editing.

In Hollywood Strip we follow the up and coming actress Callie Lambert on her rise to fame.  From waiting table to a prime time TV show Callie remains the same as the world around her changes.  Love, romance, friends, and family come and go from her crazy life.

Abby George Series

All Fruits Ripe by Anne Kemp
 An Abby Geroge Novella
This short novella is a good set up for the series.  In a few short pages, you get to know Abby George and her crappy life.  Things are not going well for Abby at this point in her life.  You are also introduced to her sister Leigh and the surprises to come.  Unfortunately, I have not read the Abby George Series but it will be on my “to read” list.


In just a few short weeks, thirty something Abby George has endured the death of her mother, was dumped by her fiancĂ©, and got laid off from her job.  Stunned and seeking a shoulder to cry on, she turns to her perfect older sister, Leigh. But instead of comfort, Abby receives a surprise: Leigh needs her in the Caribbean to help with some mysterious personal business. Will she go?

Dante Walker Series

The Collector by Victoria Scott

So as I am reading The Collector, I feel like I have read this before oh yeah Abbi Glines published The Existence Trilogy and her death’s name was Dank Walker.  Although I feel like this particular story line might have been done before especially by my favorite author, (can’t give you too many shout outs Abbi) I did also like the originality in this book.

 Being from Alabama I liked that the setting was in AL, but didn’t see any of the local culture or slang.  I loved the humor and thought that Dante was hilarious.  The romance was sweet and the fact that Dante fell for the underdog that no one wanted was nice.

Dante Walker is a soul collector that is working for the devil.  He is sent to small town Alabama to collect the soul of Charlie Cooper in 10 days.  Charlie Cooper is the good to Dante’s evil, her charity work and love of her limp make her who she is and she is proud of that.  She is the nerdy, geeky, pimple faced do-gooder that can hardly think bad things let alone do something bad.  Dante is so screwed trying to get this girl to do something bad to collect her soul. With twists and turns, Dante is hell bend on collecting her soul until he develops feelings for Charlie just as he corrupts her soul.

Ok so my character breakdown for Dante is a douche bag to the nth degree, a total jerk, and the guy that you love to hate.  On the other hand, he is totally hot, a sleek dresser, funny as hell, and has a secret sensitive side (shhhh…don’t tell).

Charlie is the orphaned girl that does no wrong.  She sees the good in everyone, gets made fun of, and loves hard. 

I can not wait for the second installment in this series to see where all the characters are headed.  The balance between good and evil has been tipped, will there be war? 

Susannah and I at BS Reviews have never posted a review of the same book on our blog.  We do however, read most of the same books and talk about them as soon as we finish them.  We make book recommendations often to each other.  She actually started this one and I had it on my “to read” list, so we decided to read it and blog about it.  I can not wait to see her review.  I love her reviews and wish I could write/review like her, she is the professional and I am the wannabe.  So check out her review of this book coming soon!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trailer for Runes (book 1) by Ednah Walters

Here is my review of the book

This upcoming series Runes has a release date of May 20, 2013 and it is something to get excited about folks. The cover is bad, the synopsis is good, what do I do; read it or pass? I gave it a shot and I am so glad that I did not pass on this one.

With this wickedly unique series, think The Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout meets Existence Trilogy by Abbi Glines with twists and turns along the way, you can not go wrong. Lux and Existence are my top two YA paranormal series and now I am adding the third in line with Runes. I have read reviews where this book has been compared to Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instrument Series, but I don’t see that (I was not a fan of this series).

The first few chapters were very descriptive setting the scene as well as giving the whole book a “real” vibe. The characters were very well thought out and the plot was perfect. The love connection and romantic tension between Raine and Torin was HOT! However, I did not like that Eirik just woke up one day and wanted to be with Raine, I mean who does that. They have been best friends forever and she has been in love with him since preschool; then when a mysterious next door neighbor shows up you take the plunge (don’t get me started). This did make the whole book with the love triangle but had me infuriated with Eirik’s character being selfish.

Can you say CLIFFHANGER? I read and reread, and cussed, and reread again the ending of this novel and I can not believe the author can really leave us hanging like that. Way to crush a girl! Then I thought this is genius, but I have to wait, what now? Please, Mrs. Walters please tell me I do not have to wait that long before I get more Torin and Raine.

Raine Cooper, high school swim team member, is trying to wrap her head around a tragic plane crash that leaves her father missing. She has supportive friends in her BFF Cora and boyfriend/guy pal Eirik to help her through these tuff times. Enter (or rather a knock at the door) Torin St. James (the hottest guy since Travis Maddox of the Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire and Beau Vincent of the Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines), sex on a stick with a bad attitude to boot and new next door neighbor to Raine. This sex pot has it all from a barely furnished bachelor pad with a Harley to boot and the mysterious quality has all the girls wanting to get to know him better. Raine has that feeling too, but just starting a relationship that is not well defined with Eirik, and weird things happening in her life she just wants to forget Torin. Torin may be the key to unlocking her questions and all the unexplained events happening, but can she trust him with her life.

This series hands down is the best one I have started all year. I give this book all 5 stars and hope to read the next installment sooner rather than later. One request, a better cover that's the only thing I could find that I didn't really love.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rise and Fall Series

Faster We Burn (Rise and Fall #2)
by Chelsea M. Cameron

Faster We Burn is the second installment of the Rise and Fall Series and is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors and series as well.  This story picks up toward the end of Deeper We Fall with Katie and Stryker. 

Katie and Stryker’s story is told from both points of view.  The fast paced romance and plot is beautifully written and is sure not to disappoint.  Ms. Cameron is a mastermind at her writing style and this story flows really well.  Compassion, resilience, and emotions fly high in this captivation new adult series that will leave readers craving the next installment.

Opposites Katie Hallman and Stryker Grant have mutual friends in common.  After being burned in the worst way by her boyfriend Zack, Katie feels broken.  Stryker can relate because he is broken being an orphan in childhood to a drug addicted mother.  The pair quickly become each others distraction but is just sex enough when feelings start to develop.  This pair faces tragedy after tragedy and has no one to turn to but each other, but can they be just friends or is love in the air?

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, who can not love a guy named Stryker?  I mean just the name alone is the epitome of hotness.  I’m not really into a guy with piercings and dyed hair, but quickly changed my mind with Stryker.  Katie a girly girl that is in love with pink, the all American good girl that goes off to college to please her parents and care what other people think.  I think that the author was so smart to pair these two characters showing the diversity and commonality in two people that seem so different on the outside but are so similarly broken on the inside. 

I love how the author starts the story between these two in the middle of the previous book, it gives readers insight on what was really going on between these two and different perspectives on the story line.  True fans will appreciate this (I know I did).  I also loved all the musical influences in this particular installment.  I actually looked into some of these bands and I could see it as the playlist for this book.

The one complaint that I have on this is the ending.  I do not feel like it was rushed, rather just stopped.  That is one thing that I did not like and but that is the only thing.  Who knows Ms. Cameron might surprise us in the next installment and give me the conclusion that I want. 

I can’t wait to see how the author will write the next chapter in this series and who will get the next book.  I hope each character will get one and Allen too.  This series gets a 5 star rating, but this particular book gets 4 ¾ stars because of the abrupt ending I had to take off some. 

Deeper We Fall (Rise and Fall #1)
by Chelsea M. Cameron
Dare I say that Chelsea M. Cameron has reached Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, Steph Campbell, Elizabeth Reyes, Jamie McGuire, Liz Reinhadt, Tammara Webber, and Nicole Williams status with just one book?  YES!  I can not believe that I can be obsessed with a new author after just one book.  This first book, Deeper We Fall, in the Rise and Fall series has knocked me off my feet and left me wanting more.

I absolutely loved the emotional roller coaster that we ride in this well thought out book.  I know that the bad boy meets good girl scenario is a bit clichĂ©, but what if the boy is not that bad after all.  I am a sucker for a bad boy, hence the Travis Maddox, Jude Ryder, and Beau Vincent obsessions, but I think that Zan Parker is in  my top 5 all time book bad boys I wish were real (don’t tell anyone that I have these obsessions).  

So I really didn’t know what to expect with this book because the blurb honestly could have been written better now that I have read the book, but I guess that the author wanted to be mysterious in the synopsis.  I actually bought the book and then got a review copy, and I was lucky enough to get the second book from the author(I do not know Ms. Cameron I received this copy for an honest review).   I am so glad that I didn’t put this book on hold on my reader because it was GREAT.

I would have already started the second book, Faster We Burn, but I happened to kill my reader’s battery blowing through this one.  I am sad that I have to wait for the darn thing to charge before I can get my hands on the highly anticipated second installment. Ok so I have gone on and on about how I loved this book but if you are a fan of mature YA/New Adult you must try this one for yourself.  My prediction is that Cheslea M. Cameron will be the next big thing.

This story is beautifully written showing readers how forgiveness, redemption, healing, and love can change someone’s life dramatically.  I Deeper We Fall a whopping 5 star review.  Well done Ms. Cameron, well done!

  Alexander “Zan” Parker has been in love with Charlotte “Lottie” Anders since he can remember but having a crush on a girl older can leave you unnoticed.  After a tragic car accident leaves Lottie’s best friend with a traumatic brain injury and Zan as the driver it seems like both teens’ worlds will never be the same. 

Lottie wants to move past the accident that haunts her everyday thoughts and goes away to college with her twin brother. But she soon discovers that the accident is part of her life with Zan and his ruthless brother Zack living in her dorm building on campus. 

Lottie soon learns that forgiveness and second chances are a must to heal.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Maverick Montana Series

Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti

This new series Maverick Montana from paranormal writer Rebecca Zanetti will blow readers away. Against the Wall is the lead off of this series and is sure not to disappoint.

Widower Jake Lodge, resident hottie, cowboy, lawyer, and father will go to any lengths to protect his Kooskia roots and the land of his grandfather chief of the Kooskia tribe. So it is a no brainer when he is hired to be lawyer on the case fighting against the big corporation trying to build a new golf resort on Mineral Lake.

Sophia Smith, golf course designer, is sent to small town Montana to pitch her design to the city council for a new golf resort design. When she is actually swept off her feet by cowboy Jake, she becomes smitten until she attends the first of many hearings and sees Jake in the opposite corner. Love lingers in the air in this quaint Montana town.

I love cowboys, and give me a hot cowboy in a pair of chaps and I am ecstatic. I really like this book and think that I will love this series. I really can’t wait until a particular character (Dawn if you are wondering) gets their book. I can not see this series going anywhere by up from here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dead Ever After

Dead Ever After

Okay, so I wasn't the crying, deplorable mess that I predicted I would be after reading Sookie's last book. But I was saddened that the chapter on so many of my favorite beloved characters has come to a close. I'm glad to hear, though, that there is going to be a follow-up book coming out this fall that might give additional insight into the future of some of my favorites (keeping fingers crossed about one in particular), and it just might be somewhat redeeming for Mrs. Harris's fans who are feeling, well, less than sated right about now.

What can I say about Dead Ever After without giving way too much away? Well, it was fairly predictable; if you read book twelve, you could potentially see where the story was going. Mrs. Harris herself even addresses in the opening that she could have gone one way with the story, but that she chose to stay true to her original ending (I paraphrased). I'm not surprised; I, for one, predicted that was going to be the outcome a couple of books back. Additionally, if you take everything into thoughtful consideration (i.e., Sookie's beliefs, her religious stance, the values she places on family), it is a plausible conclusion to the series. And one, objectively, where I don't feel compelled to deduct any review rating points for. Will it make all her fans happy? No, definitely not, and if the early reviews on Amazon are any indicator...YIKES! (One could even ponder the legit question if pack mentality might be at work). Playing devil's advocate, though, there was absolutely no way for her to please all of the fans of the Sookie series because everyone had a favorite hero that they were rooting for to end up with Sookie. At one lengthy time myself, I was ALL about Alcide (I might have even had a dream or two about me being Sookie and Alcide being my werewolf paramour. It was probably more like ten, eleven or twenty, but shh...let's just keep that to ourselves.) Am I upset that she didn't up with Alcide (okay, I spoiled that one)? No. It wasn't my HEA to write. Personally, what she should have done differently was plotted her ending better. The pacing was extremely off with this book; too slow in the beginning and too rushed at the end. More buildup was needed, as well. There was too much focus on mundane things such as shopping and whatnot (the part where Sookie meets the young werewolf at the consignment shop was a blatant example of useless filler) and not enough buildup of the actual storyline and the HEA. That is where she went wrong. 

Having said all that, I'm okay with the ending, and I'm okay with how the majority of it panned out. Did everybody wind up with their own pretty little bow at the conclusion of the story? Most did...but not everybody-I am happy for Alcide, though. There was definitely one storyline that could have been resolved better. In fact, it deserved a better conclusion than the one it got, and no doubt, most fans will agree. Moreover, I'm deducting one full point off my review rating for a neglected opportunity to give a beloved character a better send-off than what they got. Indeed, if I ponder on it too much, thoughts that this character was shafted big-time swirl through my mind. Furthermore, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I might be asking if it was a deliberate character assassination left for the final act. But then I think back on Bill's character and how his character's initial likability was randomly shot to hell, and I realized with this series, no character is safe, regardless of their fan base. 

If I had to hazard a guess-bottom line-I think that Mrs. Harris just wanted to be over and done with this series. And she probably would have stopped a few books back but was under contract to continue (or green might be her favorite color-what do I know?). I probably would feel the same way, too, because thinking of new and fresh storylines and trying to please a fan base of epic size proportions would be quite daunting tasks, in and of themselves. And then there's maintaining continuity, which would prove to be tricky and especially after so many books. That was one huge complaint that I had with the Sookie series; the continuity wasn't there in her later books. I would have loved to have had that job because the person who was designated with that particular task gets a D in my grading book (Sookie can read Sam and Alcide's minds, but then it's mentioned in this book that she can't read the minds of supes. What? Another full point deducted for glaringly obvious mistakes such as that. Or was that a blatant example of playing a deus ex machina trump card?). So, Mrs. Harris, if you're reading this, shoot me an e-mail and I'll be glad to step in that role for your next series-Continuity Editor. Moreover, I'll even give you a discount. Hey, I might can win you back a fan or two, too. 

Dead Ever After - 3 out of 5 stars!

Dead Ever After playlist - 
Turning Tables by Adele (Sookie and Eric)
Little Things by One Direction (Sookie and ????)
Coming Home by Gwyneth Paltrow
A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans
Over You By Now by Jana Kramer
Can't Shake You by Gloriana (my new favorite song!)
Give In To Me by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester (Sookie and ????)

Reviewed by Susannah;)

Commence the tomato throwing...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fighting For Love Series

Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell

Gina Maxwell hit a TKO with the second installment of the Fighting For Love series, Rules of Entanglement. The rules and snarky banter in this book will leave readers wanting the next chapter in this series yesterday.

Jackson Maris, MMA fighter, is picking his sister’s best friend, Vanessa MacGregor, up from the airport in Hawaii. Vanessa, seasoned lawyer, is putting together some last minute wedding details for Jackson’s sister Lacie and her destination wedding. The pair have a bumpy start as Jackson breaks most of Vanessa’s “Luck 7 rules to live by” in the first day. The duo can plan Lacie’s wedding without a hitch and the sparks will soon fly.

I love a hot, bad boy, fighter character and Maxwell has written a great hero in this book. I will have to go back and read this first book Seducing Cinderella to catch up on the romance of Lucie and Reid because I think that their story is just a hot as Jax and Vanessa.

This was a great stand alone and the back-story was not confusing so the stand alone quality gives this book a higher rating. I have to give this book a 4 star rating. I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Come Undone Series

Chasing Mr. Right by Katee Robert
Come Undone #2

The second installment in Katee Robert’s Come Undone series, Chasing Mr. Right, is absolutely a series to put on your “to be read” list. The sexy romance in this book will have the readers begging for more and anticipating the next installment. These military men will have their hooks in you from hello.

This book has a great stand alone quality, as I have not read the first book in this series but plan to, but can be read in sequence to get the full affect. This is really important to me in a series because you feel like you have not missed anything. The characters that you have known and love from book one are also in this book.

Ian Walser is a smoking hot military man that just got back from his second tour into in Afganistan and seems to be suffering from so PTSD. He literally runs in to Roxanne as he is leaving his welcome back party because he is so stressed. Roxanne Stokes is attending a welcome home party for a man who she has never met as a favor to her best friend when she gets knocked down buy a drop dead gorgeous man. She instantly has a connection with him and the two end up at a hotel to have a party of their own.

The next after her one night stand she finds out he is her best friend’s brother which makes it awkward. In keeping their secret, the two heat up the sheet but can they become more?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heals by Cindy Proctor-King

This book is titled Head Over Heels: A Romantic Comedy; I, however, did not see any difference between a romance and a romantic comedy in this book. I really didn’t even find this book amusing, just a plain boring romance.

This is a quick read about a deception and love. I did not stand out to me, just any other romance that I have read a hundred times over; no different spin or take on romance, just blah. I wish I could give a better review, and I was excited to read this as it was a self proclaimed romantic comedy, but it was just drab.


Magee Sinclair has had it up to her sassy short hairdo with the financial difficulties a recent rash of blunders has caused her family's advertising agency. How will she prove she deserves the promotion her father has in mind for her when she keeps making silly mistakes? New client Justin Kane's goal to expand his bike stores hinges on a distributorship deal with a bike manufacturer he needs to impress during a couples mountain-biking weekend. He's supposed to bring his steady girl. But Justin's girlfriend dumps him, and he needs a woman to replace her. To masquerade as her. By tomorrow. Magee, an expert mountain biker, is the perfect choice... Or so he thinks. Major trouble for Magee, who isn't the expert she's claimed in this comedy of errors abound with fake identities, ex-lovers popping up out of nowhere, and a whole lot of door-slamming in the middle of the night.

A Bad Boy is a Good Find

A Bad Boy is a Good Find by Jennifer Lewis

Have you ever started a relationship of backwards? This is the case for Conroy Beale and Lizzie Hathaway. Lizzie is a NY heiress to millions and is in love with and marrying Conroy on Friday. She goes to the Hamptons to tell her parents who disapprove. Conroy is a mechanic with a past but does not tell Lizzie his profession. When her rescues her he is in an expensive car and Armani suit, Lizzie’s imagination runs wild and Conroy let her believe every detail she has drummed up in her mind including his tattoo in an undisclosed location which is his “family crest”.

Lizzie soon find out her father has spent her multimillion dollar inheritance and is awaiting prison time. She still wants Conroy until he tells her the truth, he is not a French aristocrat but a con artiest as Lizzie sees it.

Lizzie derives a plan for them to marry on a TV show and divorce after they make money from filming. To get back at Conroy, she set the location wedding in his home town of Mudbug, LA where his past demons are soon to be dug up.

I loved this book and readers will too. This not your average run-of-the-mill love story, but more like a romantic comedy with twists and turns along the way. I could see this book becoming a big screen hit at the box office. The characters are realistic, the situations are hilarious, and the banter between the leads is what makes this book a hit. The love that the characters find by putting their selves in these uncomfortable situations made me smile. The sex scenes were hot, but not too graphic. I would consider this book in the New Adult genre and not for young readers.