Friday, June 21, 2013

Living Dangerously

Living Dangerously by Dee J. Adams

Living Dangerously by Dee J. Adams is the fourth installment in the Adrenaline Heights series and I loved every word of it.  I did not know and could not tell that this book was part of a series.  The stand alone factor was through the roof.  I did not feel the need to go back and read the first three books or get lost in characters.

This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Adams and it will not be the last.  I loved this book so much that I did not want to put it down.  I felt connected to the hero and heroine in this story and could put myself in their world.  The setting in this book is hot and the romance is even hotter. 

I can not wait until the next book, in the mean time I will be going back and reading the first three in this series. 


Julie Fraser, Hollywood's newest "it" girl, arrives on the red carpet to more than just the flashes of the paparazzi's cameras. A sniper's shots leave her bleeding and in the line of fire. Her life would be over if it weren't for the bodyguard who comes to the rescue—taking a bullet in the process.
Troy Mills, a P.I. working undercover, couldn't stand by and watch an innocent woman die, but now he's torn. How can he tell her that he's not a bodyguard, but a P.I.? A P.I. hired to prove that Julie is sleeping with the movie producer he's pretending to protect.
When a second attempt is made on Julie's life, Troy realizes that keeping her safe is more important than any supposed affair. And in order to keep her safe, he'll have to keep her close. But desire and danger are hot on Julie's heels. Who could have guessed that protecting an A-list actress would not only put Troy's life in jeopardy, but his heart as well?


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