Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ghost Huntress: The Journey

Ghost Huntress: The Jouney by Marley Gibson

This is the sixth installment of the Ghost Huntress series is The Journey is a sizzling addition to the series.  I have never read the rest of this series, but the author does a great job of giving back-story information and sets the stage for this book.

Kendall and the gang are at it again and are in Europe for this book.  Between boy troubles, famous ghost and a teenage boy wonder physic to boot the group are in for a wild vacation.

I can not give a review without spoilers so I will go somewhat generic with this review.  I loved the descriptive back-story setting this book up.  It really helps for readers like me who are just starting out the series.  The characters are really interesting and I love the hint of romance.  Oh and Jason is who I an rooting for!

Teen psychic Kendall Moorehead is about to embark on the most dangerous and shocking ghost hunt of her life. After all, it isn’t every day that the ghost of Princess Diana steps in as a personal spirit guide. But Shy Di isn’t the only surprise awaiting Kendall and her team of teen paranormal superstars as they begin a whirlwind tour of Europe with renowned TV medium Oliver Bates.
As soon as Kendall sets foot on British soil she immediately encounters her first specter—a meeting that raises many questions, and sends her hot boyfriend Patrick rushing to help with the mystery…and to comfort in the way only a boyfriend can. Surely the trip to Paris and Rome will be even more romantic than this first day in London. That is if Kendall’s ex-boyfriend Jason stays out of the way.
But love problems and eerie British ghosts aren’t Kendall’s only problems. Team leader Oliver has brought along Scottish teen psychic Christian Campbell, a rising star with a sinister aura about him—literally. When Christian starts dabbling with a Ouija board during their paranormal investigations, things turn dark, as a potentially demonic entity named Dojo emerges. This being torments Kendall, making her doubt her mission and calling as a psychic. Kendall races to battle not only Christian and his shadowy methods, but also Dojo…wondering if both m

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