Sunday, June 2, 2013

Feel the Heat

Feel the Heat by Kate Meader
Hot in the Kitchen # 1

The cover of this one says “hot in the kitchen” and “main ingredient is love” that is the best description of this book.  Feel the Heat is one of the best culinary romances that I have read.  It takes a good writer to have me interested in a romance where the main character is a man that cooks, don’t get me wrong I think that a man in the kitchen is so hot; this particular sub genre is hard for me to read.  This was not the case with this book.

Jack Kilroy, a famous TV chef, is starting a new TV venture where he goes to local restaurants battles the chef and it airs.  His first location in Chicago is a bust and his producer Cara’s family happens to own a restaurant.  The family owned establishment could use the publicity to help with the recent lag.

Liliana DeLuca manages her family’s eatery and has put her life on hold to help out her family any way possibly.  Her Italian heritage and the love of food have given Lili her size 14 curves.  Never being supermodel skinny has been fine with Lili, but the pressure from her peers in school has given her a past complex.  When she meets Jack the kitchen get heated up.

I love that the author wrote the lead female character with curves and not super skinny and also touched on the past of being overweight in school and the pressures and bullying that go on because of this issue.  I also love that a hot hunk of a man fell for a girl with this type of body style.  It just goes to show you the standard is body image is not for everyone. 

This story did drag at times, but was overall a good read.  This book gets a 3 ½ star review.  I think I would be interested in a second installment, but it would not be high up on my “to read” list.

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