Thursday, June 6, 2013

Plus One

Plus One by Brighton Walsh

This pleasant book, Plus One, was short, sweet, and to the point.  Olivia and Ian have grown up together with Ian’s sister being Olivia’s best friend.  Ian has had a crush on Liv since he can remember and moved away to get over her but the pair have remained in touch.  Liv has over half a dozen weddings to attend over the period of a few months and does not have an escort so when Ian volunteers Liv jumps at the chance.  The friends quickly heat up the wedding circuit as well as the bedroom.

This book was the same take on the best friends turn into lover’s scenario but it had some hot sex scenes that gave this book some spice that might save it from getting lost in the mix.  I was not over played but not so innocent either; a good combination of sweet and sexy.

I think that I will forget this book by tomorrow, but do not feel it was a waste of time.  It deserves a 3 star review.

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