Saturday, July 20, 2013


Skin by Donna Jo Napoli


2 Stars

 I am on the fence with this book.  I can appreciate the situation that the main character, Sep, is put in having difficulties coming to terms with her disease, but on the other hand her insecurities really got on my nerves.

The realistic factor of this book was spot on with the worries and issues of teens today.  I really like the fact that Sep was so relatable but the ongoing hang-ups were an issue for me; embrace yourself.  This book would be good for middle school girls if some of the scenes were toned down a bit.  I would recommend this for upper high school girls


My lips are white. Sixteen-year-old Sep stares into the bathroom mirror. It's not some weird lipstick (she never wears lipstick). Her lips are just ? white. In a panic, she digs up an old lipstick and smears it on her colorless lips. But soon, more and more white spots begin to bloom, spreading their chalky tendrils across her olive brown skin. Does she have a disease? Is she turning into some kind of freak? Sep is usually the one who knows all the answers. With a quicksilver mind and a supple body, she's happiest when she's delving into the mysteries of animal biology or giving herself over to sweet, hot moves in Jazz Dance Club. Unlike her best friend, Devin, she's never been in a rush to get a boyfriend. But as the white blotches spread, her dating days ? like the endangered species she studies ? seem numbered. So when Joshua, a boy she's always liked, makes a flirty advance, she wonders: why not grab pleasure while she can? Frank, funny, and full of passion, this is the empowering story of a strong gifted teen who, as her life spins out of control, desperately tries to prove to the world ? and herself ? that she is deeper than skin.

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