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Leopard's Prey by Christine Feehan

Leopard's Prey

So, two book reviews in one day...I must be running a fever (oh wait, I am...a low-grade one, courtesy of my miserable, on-going summer of dental and sinus problems). I haven't completed many reviews this summer for those reasons, but I'm going to try to finish this one before my medication kicks in and sends me to la-la land. Oh, and as an aside, if you happen to know any natural cures for sinus problems, that don't involve antibiotics, feel free to leave me a comment. Would love to hear some!

Okay, so I've been reading Christine Feehan for years, and she is one of my favorite authors. I don't read all of her books, but I do read her Dark series and her Leopard People series. I tried to read the others, but I just can't get into them as easily. 

Leopard's Prey is set in the bayou of Louisiana, and I love books set in the bayou with good ole' Cajun boys. And I'm glad that we're getting to see more of the Boudreaux brothers, as well. Leopard's Prey is Remy Boudreaux's story. Remy, Remy, Remy is so dreamy...couldn't resist, but really, he is. Feehan can write a steamy story, and Leopard's Prey is no exception. Lots of smokin' hot scenes with a strong alpha male that doesn't back down from a fight, and particularly when it comes to his woman. One of her strong points is her smokin' hot scenes...and in my opinion, she needs to capitalize on that as frequently as possible (hehe).

Feehan can also write a fairly decent mystery, and a good crime scene, and she has good attention to detail. Some of the elements of the mystery with this one were a little contrived and predictable, but it was still a good story. Sometimes, she's a little long in the tooth and goes off on these tangents as she does with the Carpathian language stuff in the Dark series that I'm just no interested in and probably will never be interested in (as are a few fans that I know of, as well). With this one, there's a little overemphasis on rocks...seriously, rocks? Oh well, maybe it was just filler. At times, though, it almost feels as if she's just taken up a new hobby that she's overly eager to share: cooking, music, linguistics 101, etymology, rock climbing, mineralogy, etc. To be real, it can all be a little over the top...

I really enjoyed the first half of Leopard's Prey, but the last one-hundred pages, I started to lose a little interest, and by that point, there were a slew of bad guys to keep up with that it was exhausting. I think that I liked Saria and Drake's story better overall, but I would love to see Gage Boudreaux get his own story next. 

Blurb: From a tough stint in the armed forces to stalking the unknown as a bayou cop, leopard shifter Remy Boudreaux has been served well by his uncanny gifts. And right now, New Orleans could use a homicide detective like Remy.
A serial killer is loose, snatching victims from the French Quarter with pitiless rage and unnatural efficiency. But something else is drawing Remy into the twilight—a beautiful jazz singer bathed night after night in a flood of bloodred neon.
Sultry, mysterious and as seductive as her songs, she’s luring Remy deeper into the shadows than he ever imagined. And as their passions swell, his keen instinct for survival will be challenged like never before. By a killer-and a woman.
Leopard's Prey: 4 out of 5 stars!
Reviewed by Susannah;)))

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