Monday, July 8, 2013

First Sight

by Danielle Steel
Genre: MainstreamGeneral Mainstream Fiction
RT Rating
Steel once again delivers an idyllic and believable story with incredible, lull-free pacing and interesting characters. Although there is the familiar theme of a strong, independent heroine, this novel feels fresh and the emotions evoked are heartfelt. While the initial simplicity of the story will pull readers in, the attention to detail will keep them fully engaged and immersed.
Timmie O’Neill is a middle-aged divorcée and self-made fashion entrepreneur who is used to protecting her heart. With unfulfilling short-term relationships being her go-to, she is surprised that things feel different when she meets French doctor Jean-Charles Vernier. While under his care for appendicitis, it does not take her long to realize that there could be something more than just a brief affair between them. The one thing holding her back: He is still legally married to someone else. (DELACORTE, Jul., 373 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed By: Susannah Balch

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