Monday, July 8, 2013

White Trash Beautiful

by Teresa Mummert
Genre: Contemporary RomanceGeneral Contemporary Romance
Sensuality: HOT
RT Rating
Mummert’s first book in the Beautiful trilogy spins a familiar, albeit fresh, take on the Cinderella fairy tale — with the exception this time being that the heroine is not only poor, but she’s considered white trash as well. Fans of the rock star genre will want to give this one a go, as this Prince Charming is a hot, tattooed musician. Narrated in first person, in this story readers will meander through the dark and dangerous tunnel of Cass’ life and, subsequently, cheer her on when she comes out the other side.
Living in a trailer park with her addict mother and abusive boyfriend, Cass Daniels is working as a waitress in Eddington, Ga., and saving what little money she can for a way out. Everything changes when a stranger, Tucker White, walks into the diner. Little does she know, he’s actually the lead singer of a popular rock band, Damages. As they get to know one another, he offers Cass friendship and understanding, having gone through a horrible childhood himself. Tucker wants to be Cass’s knight in shining armor, but she’s been burned and doesn’t believe in fairy tales anymore. Can Tucker make her a believer again, and at what cost to each of them? (GALLERY, Jul., 240 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed By: Susannah Balch

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