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Shatter Me

Shatter Me
So, Shatter Me has been on my TBR list for a long time now. I finally got around to reading it, and I loved it! 5 stars all the way! I loved Ms. Mafi’s politically incorrect, lyrical writing style, and consequently, I could not put this book down. Juliette, the heroine, was awesome, and one of the better female protagonists that I’ve read lately. Think Rogue from X-Men. Yes, she’s got similar physical complications. She’s such a rich, complex character, as well. Additionally, one that speaks inside her mind a lot (and evidently, without punctuation).  
One thing that I liked about her writing is that it’s slightly outside the box, and she takes certain writing liberties, but there’s no hesitancy in the deliverance. Some readers might think that she’s being sloppy or was in a hurry or didn’t have a good editor, but the more you read, you see that her writing style/form parallels Juliette’s state of mind throughout the course of the story. At the beginning of the story, here you have Juliette, who’s been in isolation for 264 days, and you see how that has affected her emotionally and mentally. Ms. Mafi’s writing literally reflects her current state of mind. For me, it worked and it added this extra believable dimension to Juliette’s character that I think made her more intriguing.
I would characterize this story as dystopian with shades of paranormal, but the descriptive world-building that you would find in other dystopian novels (Divergent, The Hunger Games), is missing here. There is a little more of an emphasis on the romance between the characters, and yes, there is a triangle, of sorts. However, if you’re a dystopian fan, don’t let that discourage you because I would highly recommend this book. And, if you are a fan of meaningful YA romance, that gives you analogies and metaphors that you leave salivating, ding, ding, ding, here’s you a winner! With lines like, “I can touch you,” he says, and I wonder why there are hummingbirds in my heart.     “Juliette” His body presses closer and I realize I’m paying attention to nothing but the dandelions blowing wishes in my lungs.  (Beautiful!)  Man, if only I could write like that.
As I mentioned above, there is a triangle, of sorts, or what could be loosely described as a triangle. This time, we have Juliette, Adam, and Warner. Juliette and Adam’s relationship is pretty straightforward, but Juliette and Warner, on the other hand, is a lot harder to describe. I was seeing visuals of Damon Salvatore as I was reading Warner’s parts; that same dark character that does wrong, and is unapologetic, but that you know somehow, somewhere, has some humanity still left in them. To say the least, Warner is very interesting, and there was one particular scene between them where I found myself with a slightly accelerated heartbeat and a huge lump in my throat (that always surprises me when a good book is able to do that). I’m actually intrigued by Warner, and what makes him tick. Moreover, I feel that his feelings for Juliette are as sincere as they can be for him. And that one scene…*sigh*.
Then there’s Adam. Adam is whom I should be rooting for and I am. However, I also know what to expect from Adam, so the intrigue level is not quite there. At this point, I can say that I’m highly curious as to which direction the triangle will go, and I hope I’m not too terribly disappointed. This is one time where I’m torn between two heroes; my head says one thing, yet my rapid heartbeat indicates another.

 Shatter Me – 5 out of 5 stars

Shatter Me Playlist
The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band (Adam and Juliette in isolation together; those first few weeks and when he takes her bed)
Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band (Juliette and Warner and that one *sigh* scene)
Brand New Day by Joshua Radin (when Juliette is finally let out of isolation, and gets to experience the outside again)
Run by Matt Nathanson and featuring Sugarland (Juliette and Adam)
When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss & Union Station

If you’re a fan of Warner, you have to read Destroy Me, a novella devoted to him. It will give you better insight into him, and his feelings for Juliette.
Destroy Me Playlist –
If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz (Warner to Juliette)
Faster by Matt Nathanson (Warner to Juliette)

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  1. Ohhh, I want to read this so bad!!!! I don't think I've come across anyone who didn't like it yet.

    Great review! Makes me want to read it even more.

    -Kelly @ PaperFantasies

    1. Kelly,

      I enjoyed reading it. It had great characterization, an interesting premise and I really liked the heroine. If you decide to read it, you'll have to stop back by and let me know if you liked it:)