Saturday, July 27, 2013

Emma: A Latter-Day Tale

Emma: A Latter-Day Tale

3 Stars

This Christian fiction book was fun, dramatic, and quirky at times.  The Mormon based play on Austen’s Emma did not disappoint.  I hate to admit this, but I have never read Emma or even seen the movie at that, but I did like this book so I imagine I would love Emma. 

This clean romance is filled with religious references and being Southern Baptist, myself, I appreciated this aspect.  I also like the eccentric Emma.  She is so clueless, nosey, and stuck in her head.  I love the fact that the life coach needs coaching.

I also liked Justin who stands by Emma’s side through thick and thin. 

Emma is trying top be a life coach and has found her next project in Harri, a new girl in town.  Instead of coaching Harri, Emma tells her what to do even giving her a makeover and choosing who she dates.  Emma has hang ups of her own including jealously and along the way thinks she is falling in love herself.

I thought that this book was a cute, short read and would recommend this book to girls 15 and over, Mormon or not.


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