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The Dining Club Series by Marina Anderson

Desire by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part One
Desire is the first installment of The Dining Club series by Marina Anderson.  I was not too keen on the first installment in this series. The cover drew me in and even though I am not an avid reader of erotica I thought that I would try this book to see what all the fuss is about.  This first installment is light and only about 30 something pages long.  It basically follows a couple as the male is luring the female into a sex club. 


Young, ambitious theatre director Grace has no time for distractions, but she just cannot resist enigmatic city financier, David. Alluring, charismatic and an incredible lover - David never lets Grace get too close. So when he invites her to a weekend at his private club, Grace is thrilled.

Arriving at the secluded location, and excited by her nerves, David reveals the truth behind the Dining Club: a place where guests are taught to open their minds, and their bodies to erotic challenges. If she passes the tests, she is promised ecstasy beyond her wildest fantasies. If she fails, she's forbidden to ever set foot in the exclusive club again. But even as David's seductive commands make Grace feel more daring than ever before, she begins to fear for their future. What if she fails one of the Club's tantalizing trials? Will David still want her or will she lose him forever?


Bound by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part Two
Bound is the second installment in The Dining Club series.  In this 30ish page novella we find Grace getting deeper into David’s club and wanting to please him more.  Feeling like she loves him and willing to do anything to keep him, Grace finds herself being sucked into The Dining Club.


Grace has surprised herself by falling hard for the breathtaking financier David. But now she knows that in order to keep this man, she will have to explore his darker side.

Grace is shocked by her body's instinctive response to the private club David has introduced her to: the Dining Club - a secret society where members can explore their most forbidden fantasies. David got her through the Club's exclusive doors - but to stay she must pass a series of erotic trials.



Crave by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part Three

Crave is the third addition to The Dining Club series.  This installment adds more to the plot and drama of this series.  Also being short, Touch dives deeper into the “swingers” subculture. 


Grace has had her first taste of the Dining Club...and she's already addicted. Now, as she counts down the days until her next erotic challenge at the Club, she can't stop thinking about David's stamina and the earth-shattering pleasures that await her.

When a stunning red dress arrives from David, Grace feels more ready than ever to meet the Club's next test. But the new challenge that awaits her is more dangerous than decadent-dazzling club member Amber is more eager than ever to win David's affection, and Grace must do whatever it takes to keep him.


Seduce by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part Four

Seduce is the fourth installment in The Dining Club Series.  This series is starting to grow on me.  I am not usually a fan of erotica, but this plot with the cliff hangers at the end of each installment has really sucked me in.  You can’t go wrong with this series if you are looking for a quick erotic read.


Welcome back to the Dining Club. Pass the challenges we set, and a world of pleasure awaits...

As Grace travels further into the world of the Dining Club, both she and David face their own private dilemmas. While Grace questions how far you should go just because you love someone, David faces his oldest insecurities: can he finally let someone succeed all the way into the Club, and into his heart?

Jealousies are coming to a head. Grace is shocked to see David out at a glamorous event with his beautiful PA, and Amber and Andrew conspire to shut Grace out of the Club for good. The next weekend, and Grace's new challenge, await...

Let yourself indulge in the sumptuous delights of The Dining Club: Part Four.



Touch by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part Five

Touch is the fifth installment into The Dining Club series I have now dubbed the mini-series.  I like that name because the novellas are real short and usually end in a cliff hanger leaving readers wondering what is next.  In this addition Amber and Andrew are plotting to lure Grace from David.  I really like the drama The Dining Club exudes. 


Welcome back to the Dining Club. Pass the challenges we set, and a world of pleasure awaits...

In the depths of The Dining Club, its passionate members surrounding her, Grace faces her third trial. But she is confused by her lover's behavior. David is cold, controlling and almost seems to make the task as challenging as possible.

Amber, Grace's rival, sees things very differently. Desperate to keep Grace away from her hard-won throne at the head of the Club, Amber plots to get Grace out. But quiet, beautiful Andrew has his own agenda - he wants Grace to himself and he will do anything to seduce Grace away from the man that has so bewitched her, even reveal some of David's darkest secrets...


Caress by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part 6

Quickly making her way up the table Grace is put to yet another test.


Giving in to the handsome Andrew's charms, Grace agrees to hear his warnings of what could lie in wait for her at The Dining Club. But what could he need to tell her so urgently? And why is he so convinced it will change what she thinks of David, her dazzling yet deeply secretive lover?

Andrew also reveals a crucial element to the next trial - the final trial - that David has held back from her. Realizing it is going to require all of her seductive powers, stamina and wits, Grace faces her last weekend at the Dining Club with sensuous trepidation. And then someone lets slip that there could be one more stage, for the truly elite...

Submit by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part 7

With people working against Grace as she progresses in The Dining Club, she overcomes the obstacle that stand in her way.


There is one more task to pass. One more until Grace can become a full member of The Dining Club, and ensure she holds on to David's love and lust indefinitely. But she knows it isn't going to be easy - there are several determined to see her fail, and with David torn over what her success would mean for his lifestyle, Grace must do this for herself.

They will test her on everything she has learnt - pushing her body to the limits and into entirely new realms of discovery. But if she doesn't pass, this world, and David, will be closed to her forever.


Surrender by Marina Anderson
The Dining Club Part 8

Now seated at the head of the table Grace must decide if she wants to become a permanent member of The Ding Club or will she stay in the world she is use to.

Grace has completed her introduction to the highly exclusive Dining Club and enthralled her demanding lover, David. But now she wants to know the secrets behind Table Five - the very last table.

Available only to elite members, making it to Table Five would change Grace's life entirely. Facing a decision that could ruin everything, or ensure David never bores of her, Grace will have to prove her worth to the men that will decide her fate. A furious, agile Amber makes for a formidable opponent, but Grace's sexual power is now at its peak, and she is ready for one last challenge...


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