Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Headfirst Falling

Headfirst Falling by Melissa Guinn

This book started out strong for me, lagged in the middle and picked back up toward the end.  I was hoping for something epic with a blurb like this, but it ended up good not epic.  I liked the book, but saw potiential for so much more.  Overall, I rate this book 3 stars.

Headfirst Falling is about first loves.  Jackson and Charlie are the perfect match but Jackson and Charlie’s brother are best friends.  Charlie’s brother dies in war with Jackson by his side.  When Jackson returns home with emotional baggage he soon starts an emotional roller coaster relationship with Charlie.  Can this couple get over the past to have a future?


Falling in love. It doesn't seem to fit, like falling shouldn't be used in conjunction with love. We don't fall gracefully. In fact, there's nothing graceful about it. We crash into things—hit them hard, bounce around, give ourselves cuts, bruises or break bones… And it's never planned. It takes you by surprise. You lose control.

Charlie Day fell in love with Jackson Stiles a long time ago. But that was before he and her brother enlisted and went to Iraq. Before Jackson came back different. Before they told Charlie her brother would never come back at all.

A lot of things have changed since then. But when Jackson takes a job at the company where Charlie works, she discovers that one thing hasn't changed—the spark between them. She's not sure she can love this new Jackson, or forgive him for the part he played in her brother's death. It's too bad for Charlie that, with love, you don't always have a choice.


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