Monday, October 21, 2013

The Secret Life of Amy Benson Series by Lisa Renee Jones

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
The Secret Life of Amy Benson # 1
Escaping Reality is the first book in The Secret Life of Amy Benson series by Lisa Renee Jones. The author says that this will be a two book series, but if Ms. Jones does not tie up a whole lot of loose ends in the next book then yes folks we might have a series on our hands. I know if we all beg for more, we might get our wish.
In Escaping Reality we meet Amy who is running from something or someone. What we have no clue? Someone (still no clue) has told her that she must move form NY to Denver because she might be "found out". Is she in witness protection? Is she running from the mob or some other type of criminals? Maybe an ex? Who knows? Ms. Jones does and she is keeping it a secret.
Amy grabs all she can and heads off to the airport for her next destination with new identity in hand. Her plane is full and she is delay to another flight until she frantically pleads with the airline attendant that it is very important that she be on this fight to Denver. Ironically, she gets moved to first class (no charge) and is sitting next to millionaire hunk Liam and instantly feels a connection.
The pair are off to Denver both for work and automatically become obsessed with each other (insert hot steamy scenes). From there multiple come in Amy's life and she does not know who to trust. Who is friends and enemy? …take a guess and read book 2 for more answers.
OK, I usually only give the blurb on the book for my summary because I am horrible with secrets hence I give away the plot lines and spoilers in my reviews. I can review this book because there is nothing to give away. I fell in love with Ms. Jones writing in her Inside Out Trilogy and can't wait for more of Amy Benson.
This book was OMG good! The intriguing way the Ms. Jones set up Amy's life secret was so much of a mystery not only to Amy but to readers.
The characters were fantastic. Liam being the sexy hot alpha male was just enough to capture readers, but not enough to put us off. Amy is such a clever character in her willingness to survive anything that is thrown her way.
The writing style was brilliant. Well done Ms. Jones! Thank you for writing something worth reading. The mysterious quality had me hooked.
And Holy cliff hanger, why oh why do we have to wait so long for answers? I love a story that you have to wait for. It makes the release date so sweet and the best books come in series. So hats off to you Ms. Jones.

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