Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Words of Lust

Words of Lust by Lise Horton

First off, this cover caught my eye that’s what drew me to this book.  The synopsis was good so I gave it a go.   This book is actually more erotica romance than romance.  That was not a turn off for me, but I do not usually read erotica.  I really liked this book.  The alpha male was hot and the nerdy professor made a good match for him.  I am hoping this book will turn into a series so we can see the rest of the family up close and personal. 

I liked the depth of the characters and the development of the story.  The writing style was also good.  Overall, this was a good read.


Serafina Luca, straitlaced Manhattan professor of erotic literature, isn't one to blush at a few raunchy words, but her experience in the bedroom is hardly bestseller material. She's not sure the passion in the books she teaches is possible in real life, let alone for her. But then she meets Nick Stellato.

The construction foreman may look like a guy's guy, but he knows how to treat a woman. One look at Serafina's luscious figure, and he wants to prove it to her. One dinner date and their sizzling chemistry is undeniable. Soon, it's the professor getting a lesson or two...and Nick is a willing teacher. What surprises him is how much he enjoys the time he spends with Serafina outside the bedroom--and how easily he can imagine a future together.

Before long, Serafina is falling hard for Nick, too. But how can a timid academic with virtually no past fulfill his dreams of an adventurous future?

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