Thursday, October 17, 2013

Take A Chance Series by Diane Alberts

Play Me by Diane Alberts
Take A Chance # 3
Play Me is the third installment in the Take A Chance series by Diane Alberts.  I started this series off with book 3 and was not lost at all.  I love the stand alone factor in a series and this series takes the cake.  The warm and down-to-earth characters could be your brother/sister or BFF.  I love the chemistry and passion these character’s have.

Garrett is a middle school teacher who has been in love with Kiersten his whole life.  In the heat of the moment they hook up and the next thing you know is Kiersten is pregnant.  Can this couple be continue to friends and raise the baby together or are they hoping for something more?

Take Me by Diane Alberts
Take A Chance # 4

Take Me is the fourth installment in the Take A Chance series.  I really like book three and had to read book four.  This book is even better than the last.  I love a series when the author makes the next book in the series better than the last. 

This go round is Mike and Moran.  Love the song Waking Up in Vegas by Katie Perry?  If so this is the book for you. 


Mike meets Morgan in a bar and mistakes her for a stripper.  Mike and Morgan are attracted to each other.  Mike and Morgan wake up in a hotel room married and can’t remember anything.  Will this couple work out through their honeymoon or is an annulment in their future?

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