Friday, October 11, 2013

Underbelly Chronicles

Touch Me by Tamara Hogan
Underbelly Chronicles #2.5

I guess that I missed the bus on this series.  It is either hit or miss reading a novella in the middle of a series.  Lately, I have had good luck and the novella has been enough to draw me to the series and I end up going back and reading the whole series.  This novella didn’t do that.

There really wasn’t much to this novella.  It started off explaining off lots of different sups.  There was one sex scene and a lot of characters who I didn’t really connect with.  Maybe if there was more back-story or a plot line or something to draw me in I should have connected more.


Mere hours after human technology whiz Bailey Brown learns the truth about her Sebastiani Security co-workers—they're all vampires, incubi, succubi, sirens, faeries, Valkyrie, and werewolves!—she’s thrown into an undercover operation protecting a siren singer at Underbelly, one of Minneapolis’s premier nightclubs. With pheromones saturating the air like sweet chloroform, starving for touch, and her inhibitions fading fast, Bailey has to avoid Rafe Sebastiani, her boss’s gorgeous sex demon of a brother, at all costs…

Because only his touch will do...

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