Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just a Couple Ex’s Exposed

Exposed by S. Anders
Just a Couple Ex's
Just a Couple Ex's Exposed by S. Anders is the second installment in the Just a Couple Ex's series. I read the first one in the series and now the second.
I like the second one better than the first, but I do feel the unrealistic situation these people go through is a stretch. I didn't buy the fact that the cheaters got caught and the no cheaters just spend the night together. I have never been put in this situation, but I don't think I would go to a guy's house whose wife was cheating with my husband on the night they got caught. I would rather sleep in the car than go to someone who I didn't know. But hey, people bond different ways.
Other than this distraction, the book was surprisingly good. I liked that the character's leaned on one another during this time of betrayal. And the sex scenes were HOT!
Nia doesn't know why the TV show Dirty Rotten Cheaters is asking her questions. That is until they show her video of her husband cheating, then strong arms catch her before she faints.

Jack can't believe the woman in his arms is the wife of the bastard screwing his wife.

Nia and Jack confront their spouses together. Then when Nia's cheating husband throws her out and hides all their money, Jack rescues her. Jack and Nia are forced together and forced to deal with their cheating spouses, but slowly an attraction builds between them that they cannot ignore.

This is a story of two people finding each other under the strangest of circumstances and against all odds, falling in love.

It is a standalone novel, but part of the themed series Just a Couple Ex's about the spouses of cheaters finding each other and falling in love.

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