Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Penny Black Series

Found by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Penny Black #1

Found is the first book in the Penny Black series by Stacey Wallace Bendfiel.  What drew me to this particular book is the cover.  I love the girl with the multicolor hair and since pink is one of my favorite colors I stopped by to check out the blub.  It sounded interesting so I decided to give it a go.

The concept and idea was original and interesting that a character could have powers but still be human.  This book somehow got lost in translation.  From concept to paper was not the best.  I had trouble keeping up with who was who and who was related.  I also am new to the futuristic genre so maybe it was just me, but I felt the setting was a little off.  I can’t put my finger on why it just felt like something was missing. 

I did like the leading character’s and fond Penny’s character to be interesting and liked that she went from hard core to being softer near the end of the book.  I felt her character developed nicely.  I also liked the budding romance between Penny and Wyatt. 

I felt like the story was ruched at times and the ending was just thrown in there to have a cliff hanger.  I am curious to see how the next installment will turn out, but it is not one of those “I have to have it right now!” moments.


From the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy comes FOUND (Penny Black #1)the first book in a whole new NA trilogy set in the Society world.

Discover what happened to Zellie, Avery, Melody, and Ben!

And meet Penny Black, a girl with a past that can see the future.

Penny Black hasn’t had it easy. Just about everything you’d expect to happen to a harassed foster-kid turned junkie has happened to Penny. Add in the mysterious power to rewind time, conducting events around her, and it’s a wonder she held up on the streets for so many years. Now, at seventeen, the New Society has found her. Finally, Penny is where she belongs. But that doesn’t stop the visions, or the need to protect the victims shown to her.

Wyatt Adams is excited and intrigued when his sister Melody assigns him to be Penny’s Lookout. Being the youngest, and hopelessly ordinary in the family that created the New Society, has left Wyatt feeling like he has a lot to prove -- and Penny is a big deal. She’s got abilities that surpass any he’s seen before…and pretty much every quality he looks for in a girlfriend, but no one needs to know about that, especially Penny.


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