Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Rules for Disappearing

The Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Elston

Here is another Disney Book Group release that you would think would be childish but by all means is not. I have to say that this book hooked me from the get go. I love YA and I have never read any thing related to the witness protection program. Elston really makes you feel the emotions of the characters in this book. From the emotional roller coaster to the romance this book was more that I expected and everything that I wanted. I want to know what happens next.  This book was excellent!  I give it 4 stars.

Megan Jones, or who she is at the moment, lives with her sister “Mary” and her parent in the witness protection program. Moving to different places and having different names gets to her so when she gets dumped in Louisiana she decides to do things her own way. No friends, no clubs, and no boys the life of the protected then she meets Ethan who pushes his way into her life and her heart. Can she keep her secret from him or will he make her want to share every aspect of her life with him?

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