Friday, April 26, 2013

A Moment

A Moment by Maire Hall

This book is the first in the new series Moments. I don’t really know how I feel after reading this story, I am conflicted. The profound characters in this novel overcome realistic struggles, but have more than the average person. This couple defies the odds, and there are so many to overcome. Be prepared for a deep, dark romance, not the everyday happily ever after that you are use to.

I feel like the male protagonist, Ryan, stole the show with intensity that I would have like to seen in the female role as well. However, I felt like Liliana had her own issues. All in all, this highly emotional book had a very different take on a romance and I felt it to be different and draining.

On the other hand, this book had some major editing issues. I noticed some issues with the name Lily/Lili through out book. There were also some misspelled words, but since I am not an editor or English major I did not find it too distracting. As a book lover I did find the actual character dialog vs. narration kind of distracting. The characters didn’t really talk to each other, but thought out everything in their head; it through me a little. The ending was rushed, and I felt like the last entry didn’t give me closure. Maybe the next installment will, but that’s doubtful since it skipped forward more than 5 years.

Regardless, this is a series and I would hope in the next book Alex can find his one true love. I will read it if the story goes to him.

Ryan Cosgrove and Liliana Delgado are on a collision course with destiny. They don’t know it yet, but before the night is over their lives will be forever changed.

Spending Valentine’s Day at a burlesque bar, hadn’t been Liliana’s ideal way of spending a Friday night. She’d much rather be back on campus doing homework… until she meets Ryan. Tall, athletic, and gorgeous, Lili can’t keep her eyes off him, and despite his gruff manners and drunken disposition she’s intrigued.

Ryan’s got demons, and they’re deep, dark, and eating him alive. Regardless of his attraction to the petite brunette he’s tired of fighting, of pretending the last fifteen years haven’t been a daily struggle just to get out of bed every morning. That night he decides to end his pain, to leave it all behind and float away into the blessed darkness of oblivion. But fate has other plans for him, Lily finds and rescues Ryan, determined she’ll not only save his body, but his soul too.

This is their moment…

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