Thursday, April 11, 2013


               *Spoilerish - Stolen is about a London-based sixteen-year-old girl, on her way to Vietnam with her (predictably) well-to-do parents, who, while at a stopover in a Bangkok airport, is drugged while purchasing coffee (because all sixteen-year-olds wonder around a Bangkok airport without their parents to purchase coffee), and then is kidnapped and taken to the middle of an Australian desert. She eventually goes on and becomes sympathetic to her kidnapper, who is Australian himself, yet he followed her all the way from London to Bangkok (exhales). Make sense? Oh, and they met in a park when she was ten and he was nineteen, and evidently, he’s been obsessed with her ever since. A nineteen-year-old obsessed with a ten-year-old. O-kay. From London to a Bangkok airport to a little shanty in the middle (as opposed to the edge or the far side) of an Australian desert. Really?  I’m sorry, but this was just so far-fetched and convoluted. Furthermore, I haven’t even gotten to the part about his parents.

               Why did he kidnap her? His reasoning was that he was in love with her; he didn’t even ask for ransom money from her wealthy parents, although he went without certain basic necessities. Either that or the author just failed to mention them. Heard of soap? And, don't get me started on the disgustingly nasty water that they had to wash off with-with no soap! What was the point? So, because he’s in love with her, he takes her to a dump in the Australian desert to prove it? And, as much as I appreciate the beauty of the Australian Outback depicted, it was a little too much with pages upon pages and rather, what stayed with me most is that damn, there’s some scary a$$ snakes there. I think I’ll mark that one off my bucket list. And, did I forget to mention that he has an affinity for those same slithering reptiles?

               I’m sorry, but I never did warm up to anyone in this story: Gemma, the kidnapped, Ty, the kidnapper, those scary snakes. Well, I did like the camel in the story, but I also felt bad for her-Ty had kidnapped her, too! This guy was a real whack job. He has a disturbing obsession over a child, keeps venomous snakes as pets, eats kangaroos, thinks nothing of stealing a camel…sorry, this is not a guy that I would fall for, Stockholm syndrome or otherwise. If anything, I would probably call an animal cruelty agency on him-if he had a phone! Really disappointed with this one because it had so much potential.

Stolen – 2 out of 5 stars!

 Reviewed by Susannah;)

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