Monday, April 15, 2013

First Loves

First Loves by Jean Stone

First Loves is a re-release from 1995 and you could tell. This book had several dated references that needed to be revamped. I love the Love Swept line by The Random House Publishing Group, but come on guys did you have to pick this one?

I fell like the synopsis is misleading on this book. I usually love intertwining stories, but this one was dreadful. I didn’t finish it, but did read about 75% before deciding that this story was not going to get any better. I had hope with each page turn, but it fizzled out fast.

This book deals with some taboo subjects such as AIDS, teen sex, infidelity, homosexuality, and suicide. There was a lot going on to say it best. Be your own judge if you want, but this book was a waste of time.


For every woman, there is a first love. And for Meg, Zoe, and Alissa, that love has never been forgotten. Now these three friends have made a pact. In the next six months, they vow to reconnect with the men who touched their lives so long ago.

Meg is blessed with success, yet lives a life without love, haunted by the only man she’s ever wanted, a man who’s still irresistible . . . and seemingly out of reach. Zoe is a once-prominent film star, desperate for a comeback and scared to discover what has become of her hometown sweetheart—the one person who means more to her than fame. Alissa, the darling of Atlanta society, seems to have it all. Then, in one shocking moment, she finds that her life is a sham and that she left the only man who ever really loved her. Now these women will risk everything—their families, their reputations, and their hearts—to take a chance on the alluring magic of first love.

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