Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dating the Devil

Dating the Devil by Lia Romeo

Dating the Devil’s synopsis sounding promising and the cover was cute, I thought why not. I thought this book would be something different than my usual reads so I gave it a shot.

This book was just ok. I liked the different approach to the romance, having never read a book involving the devil. I would not call this book paranormal, rather romance with a twist. I loved the idea of the devil being romantic, hot, and rich, but he had a rather sad quality making him redeemable. 

This book follows Lucy O’Neil after being dumped by her boyfriend, having a dead end job, fabulous friends, and a string of bad dates. Cliché as it seems, walks into a bar and finds Mr. Right who is also the Devil himself, Lewis Mephisto. After several attempts to corrupt Lucy, Lewis finds himself falling in love with a mere mortal.

This book was corny on several different levels, but I did find myself enjoying this book not as a romance, but more of a comedy.

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