Sunday, April 14, 2013

Skinny Bitch in Love

Skinny Bitch in Love by Kim Barnouin

This novel is based on the best selling Skinny Bitch cook books.  This book was distracting to put it mildly.  I thought that the title was great considering the main character in this book was kind of a bitch.  I just hope this main character was not based on the author who has her own diet and cook books.  I thought that the book was awful wordy, the plot was not clearly defined, and there were a lot of unnecessary sub plots that did not relate to anything in this book.  I was left confused and felt the ending was rushed compared to the wordy first half of the book.  Overall, I was not impressed with anything this book had to offer and felt it that the author might be taking a shot at the 2/3’s of American’s who are overweight.  Sorry I just didn’t get it; the synopsis is misleading hinting at romance which is maybe 10 pages in this long winded book.



In this new novel based on the #1 bestselling Skinny Bitch books, a twenty-something chef loses her dream job—only to find happiness after she launches a vegan cooking school and falls for a sexy carnivore. Twenty-six-year-old Clementine Cooper is an ambitious sous chef at a hot vegan restaurant in Santa Monica. When an important food critic visits the restaurant, a backstabbing coworker sabotages her vegan dish by adding butter. Fired from her job and blackballed in L.A., Clementine has hit rock bottom. Not one to wallow, she decides to launch her own cooking school and personal chef business called Skinny Bitch.
Every day, Clementine passes a space for lease in her neighborhood and fantasizes about opening her own restaurant. Fifteen tables. A juice bar. Cali-meets-Moroccan décor. She plans to work hard, save money, and buy the space. But on the first day of her cooking classes, she discovers that millionaire restaurateur Zach Jeffries is opening a steakhouse in the same space!
Zach is the antithesis of everything she stands for, but she’s incredibly attracted to him. And it seems like he might be attracted to her too, since he immediately enrolls in her cooking school. Can two people who are so fundamentally different actually find love? As Clementine rebuilds her life with new friendships, romance, and recipes, she finds that there are healthy choices to make both in and out of the kitchen.

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