Thursday, September 5, 2013

With Me Series by Elyssa Patrick

Stay With Me (With Me #1)
By Elyssa Patrick

4 Stars
Stay With Me is the first installment of the With Me series and what an awesome start to a series.  I am so excited to start this series; finally something new to wait for.

I was absolutely blown away by this book.  I loved every minute of every page and then some.  The pages were turning and I was completely engulfed in these characters. 

Hailey Bloom has been famous for as long as she can remember.  Her mother has been running and ruining her life for almost as long.  Hailey decides to quit singing and acting and become a college student. 

Caleb Fox is a hunky journalism major who stumbles across the famous Hailey Fox at a college party one night.  His cool, calm, and collected demeanor instantly intrigues Hailey and suddenly she can not get enough of him.

Being hurt one too many times leaves Hailey standoffish and reluctant to start a relationship with Caleb.  The instant chemistry is enough to consume the college kids and heat things up.

This book was written so well, kept my attention, and left me wanting more.  I love a rock star story male or female, but this took rock star to a whole new level.  This is new take on rock star genre with the character being female and not wanting to be famous any longer.  I fell in love with the supporting characters as well.  The cover was spot on and drew my attention at first sight.  Great book, great series, great author!  Well done.  I want book 2 now.


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