Thursday, September 5, 2013

London Legends Series by Kat Latham

Knowing the Score London Legends #1

By Kat Latham

Knowing the Score is the first installment of the London Legends series.  In this series we meet professional rugby player Spencer Bailey and American disaster relief works Caitlyn Sweeney.  This is odd couple have great chemistry.

Spencer Bailey is the hot famous British Rugby player with a past he is trying to overcome.  He is close to his grandfather who has health problems.  He meets Caitlyn Sweeney who saved his grandfather life doing CPR on the street.  The immediately connect.  Spencer is stay away from sex and relationships during his playing season, but wants to pursue a no strings attached relationship with Caitlyn. The only problem is Caitlyn is a virgin.

I liked this book.  Spencer is a good guy, not too cocky.  I liked the chemistry the characters have.  The writing style was good and the plot was something new.  I really can’t wait for more of this series.


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