Monday, September 2, 2013


Blindsided by S. Anders

This short novella from S. Anders is about a two people who run into each other because their spouses are having an affair with each other.  As they work together to gain solid proof of the affair the attraction and chemistry for one another grows.

This story was ok, nothing to write home to your mother about, but was decent.  Although these characters found out their spouses were cheating they also were also being deceitful and lying to their husband/wife.


Are their spouses cheating? Axel and Liv are afraid to believe it might be so. It's what brings them together. Now that they suspect ... they have to know. But when it's confirmed, who can help them heal better than each other.
As they move through the drama of infidelity, they become closer, until they realize they have feelings for each other.

Liv sees her husband’s sports car where it shouldn’t be. Then she meets the strikingly handsome Axel Savvi, and his wife isn’t where she should be. After Axel helps Liv through a panic attack they both go their separate ways, very confused. But neither of them can leave the questions alone and they find themselves at the bikers bar across the street from the sports car.

They will watch, together.

They will be heartbroken, together.

And in the end they will stick together, slowly getting to know each other while feeling threads of attraction to each other, until they cannot ignore the passion they both want. While their ex’s don’t make things easy, but each problem their cheating spouses lay on them, only make Axel and Liv stronger. And closer.

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