Saturday, January 4, 2014


Unite by Jamie Campbell


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I usually don’t read alien books, but the one series I have read is the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout and I loved it!  I did make a New Year’s resolution to start reading new genres and new authors and this book fits both.

Unite by Jamie Campbell is the first book in the Project Integrate series.

Unite is a mild YA book that’s plot is unique to me due to lack of knowledge of the genre.  The idea is to intergrade aliens into society via a special FBI program.

This book was an introduction to the series.  This book has timid romance.   Add in likeable characters and one cocky hero and you have a winner.


United They Stand.
Seventeen years ago an entire generation of aliens were sent to Earth in order to save their home planet and integrate into the human population. Now, those aliens are being hunted.
Amery Jones is your typical teenager, except for the fact she is an alien and a member of the government’s secret Project Integrate.
When Amery’s best friend Lola is kidnapped in order to get to her, there is only one person that can help – the exceedingly annoying and charming Lochie Mercury.
Together, Amery and Lochie must put aside their differences and attraction in order to rescue Lola before it’s too late.

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