Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Billionaire’s Paradigm

The Billionaire’s Paradigm by Cerys de Lys

Ok, I was thinking that this book went on forever.  But as I am researching this book was broken up into seven parts.  I think reading them that way would be better and have readers hooked more on this story than giving them everything in this book all at once.  I have to admit it was a little overwhelming to read and it seemed like it took forever to get thought.  Toward the end I was thinking “when is this story going to end?” and saw myself drifting a little.

The story itself is good.  I was hooked in the beginning and it continued throughout this saga.  However, I would highly suggest reading the novella’s as to the whole story at once.  I do think I would have fallen harder for this series if I would have had it in little doses. 

The characters are great and develop nicely as the story progresses.  The pace is fast and plot changes so much it is hard to lose interest.

Overall, a good read.



Trapped in a library during a blizzard, Elise finds herself forced into isolation with Lucent Storme, the untoward magnate who's rumored to have more than a few forbidden desires and darker passions. Both appalled and allured by his sordid sophistication, struggling to come to terms with what she knows and what she feels, she finds herself drawn to this man who seems both powerful and fractured all at once. Lucent's secrets and dominant obsessions may be more than Elise can handle, though, and her gentle curiosity is just as likely to cause her pain and heartbreak as it is to bring her happiness...

(A Cerys du Lys contemporary romance novel)

When Elise Tanner finds herself trapped in a library with Lucent Storme during a record-breaking blizzard, she panics. He might not know her, but she knows more than enough about him. Besides being the newly appointed Director of Public Relations for Landseer Enterprises and an influential business magnate, there are rumors that he has a taste for the darker side of sexuality.

He seems fake, false, excessively demanding, too self-important by far, and... with over six feet of snow expected and the streets completely unmanageable, there's absolutely no way for her to escape him.

He's so predatory and dominant, yet beneath his rakish and enigmatic exterior, she senses there's more to this mysterious and isolated man. He's charming and intelligent (though reserved and terse), begrudgingly handsome, and surprisingly thoughtful. Unintentionally, Elise finds herself drawn to Lucent in a way that defies logic.

Unfortunately the snow may be the least of her worries. One disaster begets another and not everything is as it seems with the man who holds a sole singular obsession above all others. Will Elise's curiosity be her undoing? Is she unwittingly playing right into Lucent's hand; his dark desires and commanding personality? Or can she discover His Absolute Purpose, the reason he hides himself behind a facade of formality, and gain a deeper, more emotional and intimate connection with the compelling Director of Public Relations?

The snow may have brought them together, but it can't keep them together forever. What happens when the ice begins to melt?

Powerful, sensual, and commanding. This poignant story of love, attraction, and temptation will bind you, entwine you, and thrill you until the very end

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