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Trouble Series by Erin Kern

Here Comes Trouble by Erin Kern
Trouble # 2


Here comes Trouble is the second booking the Trouble series by Erin Kern.  This refreshing read with likable characters was tight up my alley.  The banter between the main characters was quick witted and funny at times.  Lacy was a spitfire and I loved her character.  Chase was hot as hell.  And the plot…who has never had a crush on a friend’s brother?  This was a nice easy read.


Lacy Taylor didn't exactly have a fairytale childhood. After being abandoned by both her parents and raised by her grandfather, she learned to take care of herself at a young age. Fiercely independent, Lacy finds herself back in Trouble, Wyoming working to pay the mortgage on the home her grandfather left her. Though she isn't pleased to be back in the town that triggers memories from her complicated past, Lacy decides to make the best of her situation until she learns her father has been released from jail and she’s not able to make the payments on the house in time. What's a girl to do?

Chase McDermott hadn't thought about Lacy Taylor in years. When he last knew her, she was nothing more than a lanky teenager who was glued to his dorky younger brother’s side. Years later, she’s standing in front of him—grown up and he must admit hot--asking for a waitress position at his restaurant. Even though she doesn’t have previous experience, he offers her a shot and right away her sexy confidence and strong convictions begin to spark something unexpected in him. But when money starts to go missing, the pressure is on Chase to figure out which employee has the greatest motive.

While Chase and Lacy’s attraction continues to escalate, her personal problems are on the rise when her half-sister comes into her life forcing her to deal with the mother that let her down. Lacy and Chase’s relationship culminates in a windfall that neither of them ever fathomed and challenges Lacy to learn what it means to trust someone. Chase will have to push aside his stubborn, unemotional side if there’s any chance they can reconcile their steamy affair into a real future. Can they get past all the roadblocks or will they fall prey to their own troubles?
Along Came Trouble
Trouble # 3

Along Came Trouble is the third installment in the Trouble series by Erin Kern.  I read the previous book in the series and liked it well enough to read the next book.
This book can easily be read as a stand alone and has good stand alone quality. 
To me this book drug...a lot.  it took forever to get into, but when I got into that grove the pace picked up to an extent. 
The characters in this book were likeable, and the plot was ok, but the timing just seemed off.
I would read more of this series, maybe it was just a slump for me.
Elisa Cardoso longs for passion in her life. Though she'd much rather spend her days photographing the stunning Wyoming landscape, food photography is a lucrative, if uninspiring, way to pay her bills. But when her next assignment brings her face to face with sexy restaurant owner Brody McDermott, Elisa can't deny the delicious effect he has on her.

From the minute Brody sees Elisa, he's dying to unleash her inner bad girl. He knows there's more to the sophisticated photographer than meets the eye. Now getting the sexy shutterbug into his bed is on his menu, but when she starts making her way into his heart-big problem. Love has been tricky for Brody, and he's not too eager to try his luck again. But when a golden opportunity means Elisa may be leaving Trouble for good, can Brody find the courage to grab on to love . . . before it slips away?

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