Thursday, January 30, 2014

Almost Bad Boy by A.O. Peart

Almost Matched by A.O. Peart

Almost Bad Boy # 1


Almost Matched is the first installment in the Almost Bad Boy series by A. O. Peart.

This book was just ok for me.  It focused a lot more of the heroine’s friends than on the romance factor.  I don’t know if the author was trying too hard to set the characters for the series, but the leads just ended up together and no build up. The pacing of this book was just off. 

Also the ending was awkward.  The hero just ends up going from normal to hiding a past. The characters and the plot were vastly underdeveloped.  I would have liked more connection to the story and the characters.


Twenty-five-year-old Natalie Davenport lugs substantial baggage. One boyfriend after the next has been a total disaster, leaving Natalie distrustful toward the male population in general. So when Colin Hampton crosses her path, she’s cautious. Her heart (and some other body parts!) nudges her to go for it, while her head wants her to run for the hills.

Colin is one of those gorgeous guys who attract women, no matter the age or marital status. With a successful career at a popular Seattle radio station, hard body, and charming personality, he is the complete package. But something dark lurks in the corners of his soul; some murky experience that has changed him—maybe for the better, but maybe for the worse.

Will he steal her heart and stomp over it like other guys did?

Will she let him into her heavily fortified world despite herself?

Or will they settle somewhere in the middle—establishing the emotional boundaries to protect them from falling in love?


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