Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lush Curves: The Complete Series by Delilah Fawkes

Anytime an author attempts to write a book I appreciate it, even if I do not like it.  This is the case with Lush Curves. As I am writing this review I feel torn.  I did not love the book, but it did hold my interest until I finished. 

I felt the characters had no depth and were not relatable.  The story was fast paced and almost felt rushed.  Even though I did not connect with this book, it was not a bad story. 
I did like the cover!


Aolani Kahale has always had big dreams, putting everything on the line when she moved from Hawaii to the mainland in hopes of opening her own photography studio.

When the firm she works for takes on a photo shoot for a mysterious Scotsman's yacht company, she hopes she'll get the big break she needs. However, CEO Gavin Fletcher doesn't want her behind the camera. He wants her to be his new model--the face and body of his "Live Beautifully" campaign.

Aolani's always been shy about her curves, but the job offer is one she can't resist, including travel through the Carribean on Gavin's private yacht. When sparks fly between them, they both struggle to remain professional, but traveling in tight quarters makes it all but impossible.

What Aolani doesn't know is that Gavin Fletcher has a dark secret; a vow he made long ago to never love again after his girlfriend, Fiona, drowned on the night he'd planned on proposing.

One passionate affair, one incredible journey, and two hearts yearning for one another... Lush Curves is a series you won't soon forget from best-selling romance author, Delilah Fawkes.

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