Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Ranger Brothers Series by Susannah Balch

‘Til Summer Comes Around by Susannah Balch

4 Stars
The debut book from Susannah Balch ‘Til Summer Comes Around is the perfect mix of YA and mystery.  This series starter of the Ranger Brothers has a good amount of humor and romance to boot.

Set in the Deep South, Hillsborough, Alabama to be exact, the story line, character’s conflicts, even the food the characters eat is southern to a T.   The author’s very descriptive writing style had me right in small town with the cast.  From her creepy grave yard to her hottie twin brothers Mrs. Balch didn’t miss a beat with this installment.

Georgie, a high school girl, lives next to a grave yard that is owned by the Ranger family who happen to have hot twin boys who help out.  When the cemetery is vandalized and the Ranger brothers get closer to Georgie, instead of staring at her like she has the plague, she must choose between brothers. 

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book.  It didn’t hurt that there are hot twin brothers, a hint of romance and mystery, and laugh out loud funny to boot.  It did get a little wordy at times, and if I here moreover and furthermore one more time I might scream, but all in all it was a good first release.  I absolutely loved the southern setting being from the dirty south myself; I love books that are set here.  Mrs. Balch I would choose Jase for sure, so if or when you write the sequel make his bad boy side shine; who doesn’t love a bad boy?

Favorite Funny Quotes:

“…She want’ even exactly competent at the simple human-to-human kind of resuscitation, bleeding, knocked out or unconscious victim or not, much less one where she might be swapping saliva with something that frequently licked the hair around their rear end or quite potentially ate poo recently.”

“…she was going to holler out, ‘Fire ants! I’m allergic!’ and climb up him with a great big ole’ clinging for her life hug…and be done with it.”

“…she was all over him like a starved tick in the summertime.”

“Although, he was staring to wonder exactly himself what Ms. Perkins’ tender, lovin’ care consisted of, and if it involved a weird looking thermometer, a staggering amount of strategically placed band aids, and copious amounts of Vaseline.  Scratch that-decision already made-he didn’t want to know.”
“But I think it’s more of, if your going to hand out with him, you might as well just hand out with Michael Myers on Halloween.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Becca! I admit it: it is a little wordy. My hubby is agreement with you on that one. As for moreover and furthermore, well, that's just me...everyone knows that I use those in my everyday language. Just hang in there for the first few chapters that set the story up...and then it picks up the pace. And as for the thermometer, that's your thermometer! For those of you that don't know, Becca is a nurse and the thermometer I mention is hers! It's very obscene looking, no lie! ;)