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20Something Series by Amy Patrick

Chanel 20Something by Amy Patrick

20Something #1

20 1

Chanel 20Something is the first book in the 20Something series by Amy Patrick. It is in the NA class, which I personally love.

Heidi is a true Southern Belle with attitude. She is a reporter who is trying to leave her small town broadcasting gig to a major network. She is witty, bold, and afraid to move on.

Aric is a Northerner who is taking the small town sports news to the next level. With tons of potential, this is just a stepping stone on his way to the top.

When the couple team up to work on their employment reels, the real story starts.

I love this book and if the rest of the series is as good as this then this will be a series to follow. The characters are witty and bold. There was just enough drama, but not too much. And the chemistry was there.

Being from the south, I loved the setting. It was spot on! Heidi’s feelings reminded me of myself and most true Southern girls that I know. And who doesn’t love a hot sports enthusiast. I can’t wait for more!


22-year-old Heidi Haynes is almost one year into her “real life”. She has her first reporting job, her first apartment, and a comfortable relationship with her college sweetheart. But for some reason she’s not as eager to talk about walking down the aisle as he is.
Heidi secretly longs for big cities, big-market breaking news, and real independence from her way-too-close-by helicopter parents. Problem is, the last time she left the security of home for new places and new people, things didn’t go so well. Disastrously, in fact, and she came running back to a local college and a “safe” boyfriend.
Aric Serrano is definitely not safe.
He’s six-feet-four-inches of missing-Hemsworth-brother-hotness and plans to stay in small-market-Southern-Hell just long enough to grab a cup of coffee and put together a kick-ass “escape tape”. He’ll serve his one-year contract, then he’s taking off for a higher rung on the TV sports ladder—alone—the way he likes it. Then he meets his new co-anchor.
Heidi would be so much more comfortable if she could simply ignore Aric—he’s just her type—the type she’s so careful to avoid these days. But that becomes impossible when she's forced to work closely with him on the weekend news. Now the attraction between them is growing even faster than the ratings, and what happens behind the scenes is the real news.

Still Yours by Amy Patrick

20Something #2

20 3

Still Yours is the second book in the 20Something series by Amy Patrick.

Mara and Reid are high school sweethearts when Mara calls it quits after graduation to save them from heartache. After years of a terrible dating spree, Mara takes a job back home and wants to make it she has to land an exclusive interview with the secretive 20 something billionaire who creating a popular dating site. That billionaire just so happens to be Reid. Some feelings never go away. It’s complicated to say the least!

This series has grown on me. We got a glimpse of Mara in Chanel 20Something and I am happy to hear her story. This series just gets better.

Mara is a complex character and has a history with Reid. The way this story plays out is beautiful! The tension, feelings, remorse, and out lashes of anger are spot on. This story touched my heart and made me smile. This book was better than the first. I can’t wait to see where we go next.


23-year-old Mara Neely knows who she is and what she wants—she’s an ambitious reporter with a taste for himbos--- beautiful dumb guys who don’t even tempt her to get involved past wham-bam-thank you-sir. When she takes a TV news reporting job in Providence, it’s a great step up career wise, but it’s also a little too close to home … and to him, the only guy who’s ever tempted her to let go and love someone.
To billionaire web entrepreneur Reid Mancini, Mara was like a rare comet-- beautiful, exciting, and impossible to hold onto. Now his first love is on his television screen and back in his life, and this time, he’s got a surefire plan to catch a star and make her fall.

Still Beautiful by Amy Patrick

20Something #4

20 4

Still Beautiful is the fourth installment in Amy Patrick’s 20Somehting series. This series has been one of my favorite easy read series.

Cinda is the perfect character to balance this series out and coupled with Blake’s character this duo had me turning the kindle pages as quick as I could.

Tomboy at heart and feeling inferior to her sister Kenley, Cinda does not date. She decides to go behind the scenes at the news station instead of in front of the camera. Cinda is cut and dry with her decisions and has a reason for every choice until Blake.

Blake is the perfect southern gentleman, good looks, degree, and manners. The perfect catch; just not for Cinda. Cinda does everything possible to ward off Blake’s charm but ends up falling hard. When skeletons come out of the closet will this couple call it quits?


20 year old double-engineering major Cinda Moran is the smart one. Her older sister Kenley… is the pretty one. Their nightmare match-making mom has always made their roles pretty clear, and it’s no mystery which daughter she prefers. So while Kenley played the passive dress-up doll, Cinda did the opposite, refusing any attempts to prettify her and make her into “billionaire bait”. Instead, she’s fiercely focused on academics and her internship at an Atlanta TV station.
And as far as romance goes — please — she’s not even sure true love is a “thing”. As she does for everything else in her life, Trekkie-girl Cinda’s got a logical plan: select a sensible mate, come to a mutually satisfactory agreement, and decide to stick it out for better or worse.
Then she meets Blake Branham. He makes no sense for her at all. He’s a reporter at the station, years older, and has ambitions to work at the network someday while she intends to stay put in Atlanta. Even worse—he’s a total alpha. With her own Mr. Spock personality, the last thing she needs in her life is a swaggering Captain Kirk taking stupid risks and tempting her to do the same.
And he is tempting. When she’s forced to work closely with Blake on live shots and gets to know him outside the station as well, Cinda feels things she’s never felt for another guy and starts to wonder… should she boldly go where she’s never gone before? Should she give love a chance… even if it’s not logical?

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