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Georgetown Academy Series

Georgetown Academy: Book One
by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz
Georgetown Academy book one is the start of a new series written about the sons and daughters of politicians and other political influences in Washington D.C.  I am always hesitant reading books written by more than one person.  They usually do not turn out well in my opinion.  I was on the fence with this one.

I think that starting out a new book and introducing multiple characters (I use the term multiple loosely because there so many characters that it is very hard to keep up with) is a sure fire way to loose readers and I found myself lost in this book.  Also halfway through this book you are asked to choose a character to follow.  I think that idea is odd and I did not like it at all.

The character I followed was kind of boring and I did not like the plot line that was made for her, but I assume that the review could go multiple ways depending on who you chose to follow. 

I found the way this book was written was quite confusing for a reader, but could also see it as a TV series and I would watch it.  I saw several reviews on Goodreads and thought the ratings were so high that I expected so much more from this book, but it was a big let down.  I am going to continue this series in hopes of it getting better, but if I do not see any progress in this series I will absolutely put it down.

Here I come book two I hope you do not let me down, because I really had high hopes for this series.  I give book one a 2 star review for the synopsis because it is promising and I am hoping book two is redemption for this series.


It’s the beginning of a new political administration. That might not mean much at most high schools, but at Georgetown Academy, Washington D.C.’s most elite prep school, January 20th means new alliances, new flings, and new places to party.
While freshmen—nicknamed “interns” for their willingness to jump into bed with anyone higher on the D.C. totem pole—navigate the not-so-friendly halls of GA searching for Algebra and Bio classes, the school’s lifers have other things on their minds.
For self-proclaimed D.C. royalty Brinley Madison (of those Madisons), the first day of school is all about establishing the social hierarchy and playing the part of perfect political wife to her boyfriend, the outgoing Vice President’s son. Too bad he has a wandering eye that puts Bill Clinton’s to shame. Can she keep him, and her own secret vice, in check?
Ellie Walker, Brinley’s best friend, floats through the halls on the arm of golden boy Hunter McKnight (the JFK of GA). But when her ex-boyfriend, Gabe, returns to town and her Senator mother’s political nemesis is reelected, Ellie’s life starts to snowball out of control.
Shy, quiet Evan Hartnett is more into books than beer, and her closet is full of t-shirts and jeans instead of Jason Wu and Jimmy Choo. No one’s ever really noticed her—but she’s been noticing them. When her star rises as an intern at D.C.’s most-watched political news show, she soon finds the two worlds colliding in ways that make her question what’s secret and what’s fair game.
New girl Taryn Reyes is all laid-back, California cool; with a father who’s in line to be the first Hispanic president, she’s ready to dive into the D.C. scene with an open mind. But when her fellow students turn out to be more interested in spreading rumors than making friends, she realizes that forging a drama-free path might be a lot harder than she thinks.
With so many new friends and former flames in the mix, things are bound to get a little heated. And while diplomatic immunity might keep the cops away, there’s not much it can do about the press.
In a town where one teenage misstep can turn into a national scandal, the students at Georgetown Academy will have to be on their best behavior—or, at least, they’ll have to make the world believe that they are.
Because there’s only one rule: whatever you do, don’t get caught.
What’s Cool from Coliloquy:
As the Georgetown Academy girls get ready for Follow the Stars, authors Alyssa and Jessica let readers decide which of the main girls to follow. You’ll see scandalous behavior, unexpected liaisons, and secret betrayals...all giving you a different perspective as events unfold.
Georgetown Academy Book Two
by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz

 Georgetown Academy Book Two is the second book in this teenage drama series.  I was not impressed with the first book but I stuck with this series and I am so glad that I did.  The second book redeemed this series for me. 
As I stated in the previous book’s review I think that the choosing the character to follow idea is a little weird, I think that this idea is growing me. This book follows the drama that the GA crowd and their parents are currently going through.  From the scandals and back-stabbing to loving and leaving the action is not only for the students in this book but the parents too.  I absolutely loved this book.
I followed Ellie in the first book so I changed it up a bit and followed Evan in this one.  I thought that she had an interesting story line, but I really like Ellie.  I can’t wait for the next installment in this new take on a YA book.  I give this book a 3 ½ star review and I am so glad that this book was better than the first.
In the halls of Georgetown Academy, gossip and rumor abound. But when photographic proof shows up on the front page of The Huffington Post? Then it’s a national scandal.
While Ellie tries to put her life back together, Evan just might get everything she’s ever wanted—the perfect boyfriend and her dream career. But her loyalties will be put to the test when it turns out to be the very people she’s closest to who are standing in her way.
Brinley is determined to find out who is behind the photo leak, all while her own dirty secret spirals out of control. And California girl Taryn is sick of being walked all over and ready to start playing by the rules of D.C., for better or for worse.
In a world where reputation and appearances are everything, knowledge is power. But you’ll have to learn how to use it if you want to come out on top.
What’s Cool from Coliloquy:
As the Georgetown Academy girls get ready for Follow the Stars, authors Alyssa and Jessica let readers decide which of the main girls to follow. You’ll see scandalous behavior, unexpected liaisons, and secret betrayals...all giving you a different perspective as events unfold.

Georgetown Academy Book Three
by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz

 The Georgetown Academy Series had quickly become one of my newest favorite YA series.  This series is like Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl and I love every minute of it. Book Three in this exciting new series is not a disappointment and is a great addition to this series.  This book draws readers into this series leaving them vested and wanting more.
The Students of GA are at it again in this installment and are on a retreat in Vermont trying to leave the drama in D.C. fortunately for readers the drama and mayhem follow the teens.  All the girls have new love interest and the webs are woven even tighter in this mysterious back-stabbing chapter. 
This series has quickly grown on me in each book that I have read.  The writing style and interactive ebook which I despised in this first book is something that I actually look forward to now.  Seeing all the girl’s in their own little world and then all together is something that I now look forward to.  I am becoming a diehard fan.
The frosty chill that’s settled over Georgetown Academy isn’t just from the winter weather—growing up in the D.C. fishbowl isn’t for everyone, but a break from the Beltway might just restore some sanity.
Ellie Walker’s suffered through a lifetime of scandal in a few short weeks, and now must watch her true love fall for someone else. But will a dose of fresh New England air—and an irresistible newcomer who plays by his own rules—provide the change of pace she so desperately needs?
Riding high after her smashing D.C. debut, Taryn Reyes hatches a plan to cement her relationship with Gabe. But she may get more than she bargained for when she enlists Brooks’ help.
Evan Harnett would do anything to protect her friends. But one moment of weakness, and now she’s on the outs with both Hunter and Ellie. Hot on the trail of a new story, she’s heartbroken to find it leads straight back to Ellie. Can she save her friend and their friendship?
Brinley Madison’s Clinton-esque downfall was bad enough, but between family obligations, protecting her friends, and managing local gossip, will she be able to regain her social standing without losing her peace of mind?
Privileged kids in a posh hotel with nothing to do but scheme and ski—and they thought D.C. was a pressure cooker? One thing’s for sure: what happens in Vermont definitely won’t stay in Vermont.


Georgetown Academy Book 4
by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz

 The gang is at it again in the fourth book in the Georgetown Academy series.  From the first book to the last I have quickly fallen in love with the teens of Georgetown Academy.  I am so glad I gave the second book a chance. 

Brinley, Ellie, Evan, and Taryn are wreaking havoc in D.C. as the vice president steps down and two of the girl’s parents go head-to-head in the race for the seat.   The drama never disappoints readers as the characters find themselves in sticky situations.  With mishaps from boys to statements taken out of context this installment is sure to have readers hooked on this series. 

At the end of the last book Brinley left Shane in the snow, Evan started dating Hunter, Ellie and Gabe were trying to DTR, and Taryn and Brooks we flirting it up.  See which couple will make it or break it in this exciting next chapter in the GA series.
What's cool about this book is its interactive, meaning you can choose which characters to follow in certain events.  In previous books I have followed one or maybe two characters in the follow feature.  I am so vested in this series, this time I followed all the girls and I'm sure I will from here on out.
I can see this series make into a teen drama on ABC Family for sure.  It's like Pretty Little Liar's with a D.C. twist.


When the vice president resigns and Ellie and Taryn’s parents emerge as the frontrunners, the girls find themselves back in the spotlight.

Ellie could not care less about becoming the Second Daughter, but she knows how much the opportunity to make history means to her mother – and women everywhere. With her family taking center stage, Ellie must decide whether she can put her feelings for Gabe on hold - again.

Taryn, so used to captivating the hearts and minds of everyone she meets, is unbothered by the increased media scrutiny. But an inopportune screw-up has her beholden to an unlikely – and unfriendly – source for help.

Overnight, Evan has skyrocketed from social pariah to Miss Popular. As she and her reluctant parents adjust to her new lifestyle, the last thing she needs is a front-page scandal.

Brinley can’t stop thinking about her Stowe-bound hook-up…until her father’s intern, Patrick, starts flirting. Is it time to abandon her fling now that she has a more appropriate suitor?

With the second highest office in the land up for grabs, everyone is picking sides. But where does the heart lie when duty, truth, and love collide
Gerogetown Academy Season One
You can now purchase your favorite D.C. girls in a bundle.  The Georgetown Academy books 1-4 are now available in a Season One package.  This series is a mash up of Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl with a powerful D.C. twist.  Get your copy today!

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