Sunday, August 11, 2013

2 Busy 4 Love

2 Busy 4 Love by Lucy Hepburn


2 Busy 4 Love is a light hearted, funny read about mix ups and mistakes in today’s technologically driven world.

 Who can survive without their devices and phones these days?  Not Christy Davies.  She leaves her phone in the subway and the hot businessman, Will, comes to her rescue by picking up her phone and trying to get it to her before the train leaves.  He is unsuccessful and pockets her phone.  Christy’s I Phone is her life.  She has all her business contacts, planner, and apparently her brain in the device.  After a series of calls including several to Will to get her schedule, her day falls apart in every hilarious way possible.

I enjoyed this charming, funny glimpse into Christy’s world.  The idea of this type of books is genius.  The idea, plot, and characters were golden.

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