Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dead Brilliant

Dead Brilliant by Christopher Ward

2 Stars
First off let me say that Dead Brilliant’s cover was awesome.  The guitar neck/coffin look fit the story well.  I hate to say that this was the best thing about the book. 

Set in Hollywood, Roc Molotov has just parted with his old band The Cocktails.  They are doing well and he is not.  His manager, Uncle Strange has convinced Roc that his music would be received better from fans if he was dead.  So they come up with this genius idea of faking Roc’s death on his upcoming performance on an MTV stage.  Roc soon sees that being dead suck for him but his music has become legendary. 

My Thought:

I could hardly focus on this book.  It was so hard to get into.  First off, I thought that the characters were ridicules.  The girlfriend from Alabama made us Alabamians look stupid, I am sorry but I am not a dumb blonde redneck chick.  I also hated Uncle Strange, he had that washed up pedophile thing going on to me.  I didn’t really care for Roc’s character, but liked him the best.  I did however, struggle through this book and found it do lackluster that I do not think I can ever read anything else from this author.  I just wasn’t my thing, I guess.  The idea was brilliant, the follow through was dead. 

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