Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Traveling Book Three Years Later by Casey McMillin

Three Years Later by Casey McMillin
In Too Deep # 1

Ok, I participate in a Goodreads reading group who gave me the opportunity to read a traveling book. I have never heard of such a thing before, so I thought why not? I am so glad I did! This book has traveled the world and gone thought numerous people. It has been so long since I have had a paper book in my hands that I really didn't know how to act. I was so cool to see all the comments in the margins and adding my own. This program was very cool! I would highly encourage anyone who is presented with this opportunity to take it.
A BIG thank you to Casey McMillin for sending us ladies her book packed with snacks and thanks to the other ladies for keeping the snacks up. I packed up the book and sent it from AL to GA with snacks and a book to send notes to Casey in. I absolutely loved this idea!
Ok down to the review. This book seemed short but I think that it was the fact that I have not read a paper book in so long the pages flew by. So I am saying that this book was short and sweet. I usually don't recap books in my reviews because if I tell you what all happens then what's the point in reading it yourself.
The beginning was a little corny and laugh out loud funny. It had some awesome references and brought a smile to my face. I did catch the title reference right off the bat, so that was nice.
After reading this book and looking back the characters seem a little too perfect for my taste. This did not hinder my reading or enjoying this book, but I prefer my characters a little more flawed. This book is also about instant attraction and it has only happened to me a few times before, but nothing like this situation so I would have to say again maybe these characters and the scenario was a little too perfect for me.
I did like the characters and the plot was cute. I also liked the obstacles that the characters face and I despite my previous statement I did like the instant attraction and the fact that the characters fought to be together. I also liked the cute swim team friends that helped Collin find Rachel. I hope the future installments include these guys.
I will definitely be reading the rest of this series. This was a great start.

The last thing Rachel Coleman wanted to do the summer before her senior year was go on a family vacation to Disneyland. The first thing she did when she got there, however, was run headlong into her happily ever after. Unfortunately for her, the guy was way out of her league.

Collin Blake, along with the rest of his college swim team, was just visiting Los Angeles for a few days. It was something the U Cal swimmers did every year. Falling in love definitely wasn't on his list things to do while he was there.

Is love at first sight even possible?
Collin and Rachel thought so. They had an instant connection... right up to the point when Rachel disappeared.

Can they pick up where they left off even though it's... Three Years Later

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