Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All or Nothing Series by C.C. Gibbs

All He Wants

All or Nothing # 1


Ok, this is the last review of 2013 and I chose the All or Nothing series by C.C. Gibbs.  This is the last series I have read in 2013 and I have to say that I went out with a bang.

Every now and then I read an erotic romance.  I like the romance aspect and to be honest sometimes the YA/NA just don’t cut it for me.  This series satisfied all the hotness and romance I need in a great series.

I loved the cliffhangeresque ending.  That gave me just enough to want to read the next book in the series. 

SO, now to the characters.  Dominic Knight what can I say about this hottie?  Well to start off with his name kicks ass.  I mean who couldn’t fall in love for a guy who’s last name is Knight?  And Kate Hart?  That’s a pretty cool name too.  So props for naming your characters some great names, Ms. Gibbs. 

Dominic is the total alpha male, player who needs to be brought down a notch or two.  He is cocky and confident oh and did I mention a millionaire.  Not quite realistic but hey, that’s why we are reading this right or at least that is why I am reading it.

Kate Hart is the perfect person to bring Dominic to his knees.  She doesn’t give into his BS and calls him on his shit.  Needless to say that the banter in this book is off the chain as well as the chemistry.

The plot is your basic romance with some added twists and surprises along the way making this series one you will want to follow.



Dominic Knight is a man who is always in control. A self-made billionaire by the age of twenty-three, a genius of innovation, and CEO of a global tech empire, Knight always gets what he wants. And he wants Kate Hart. . .
A rising star of cyber forensics, Kate Hart is well aware of Knight's reputation as a master manipulator, uncompromising leader, and demanding lover. But she's determined to stay cool and professional-no matter how hot and bothered her new boss makes her feel.
First he appears in her dreams. Then he comes to her in the night. And so begins a journey of erotic awakening and discovery as rich and powerful as Knight himself. In locales from the sultry red-light district of Amsterdam to the private sexual playgrounds of Hong Kong, Kate will shed every inhibition and surrender every part of herself-body, mind, and soul-to give her lover all he craves, all he needs, and all he demands . . .


All He Needs

All or Nothing #2


I quickly jumped on to the second book in the series which brings heat to the series and also dives into the flaws of the characters. In my opinion I really liked this installment of the series. I think that Ms. Gibbs brought her characters to life in the All or Nothing series. And I can not wait for the next installment.

I loved seeing Dominic brought to his knees by Kate.  I also loved seeing the more vulnerable side of these characters and the journey they take to fall in love!

Sorry this review is so short I want to post it before the 2014!


Brilliant. Wealthy. Powerful. Dominic Knight is one of the hottest tech developers in the world--and the most demanding lover Kate Hart has ever known. Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, he is always in charge. But there is one thing he cannot control: Kate's fiery heart...
As a master in her field, talented Kate surpassed Dominic's wildest expectations. As a woman of uncommon intelligence and beauty, she unlocked something deep within him. Yet since their professional relationship--and erotically charged affair--came to an end, the fire in him has only grown stronger.
Now, the man who has everything will do whatever it takes to reclaim the woman he lost. From Boston and Paris to Singapore and San Francisco, he will lure Kate back into his elite world of privilege and passion. Together, they will test the limits of desire and the boundaries of discipline. For both, this is uncharted territory--naked, reckless, and uninhibited. But when Dominic's deadliest enemies target Kate, he must face his darkest fears...and admit to himself that she is all he needs.

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