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Wolf Sirens Series by Tina Smith

Forbidden: Discover the Legend by Tina Smith
Wolf Sirens # 1
Forbidden: Discover the Legend is the first book in the Wolf Sirens series by Tina Smith.  The title explains this book the best; you discover the legend of the  wolves in a small town. 
This book gives great back ground and really pulls you into Ms. Smith’s paranormal world of her wolves.  This YA paranormal has mystery and romance to go along with the paranormal element.
I have to admit that this book started slow and introduced a lot of characters in the beginning, but the pave quickly picked up and the story developed nicely.
The characters were a little odd and quirky, but this made the mysterious quality better.  The main character, Lila, finds herself swept up in the world of wolves and wants to become a part of the pack. 
I can’t wait to see where the author takes this series!
The Mystical Bond, the Fatal Allure ... of Hunter & Prey
Misunderstood seventeen year old Lila Crain unwillingly moves to the foreboding town of Shade, prepared to face her punishment - Shade High. But she can't begin to anticipate the life-altering events that lie in wait for her.
The dark and charismatic Reid has a wolfish grin and amber eyes that would make any girl blush and he has his sights set on the new girl in school.
Reid's stunning friends - including icy top dog Sam - invite Lila into their clique. Suspicious, yet flattered by their attention she answers the intriguing call like a moth to a flame.
Thrillingly introduced to the local nightlife by the enigmatic group, Lila finally feels like she belongs. But her newly found friendships threaten to turn sour when she unwittingly develops feelings for the leader's off-limits boyfriend, Sky.
Tensions rise further when a quirky local named Cresida warns Lila to stay away from the clique at all costs.
Undeterred, she is irresistibly drawn to uncover the truth behind their mysterious lifestyle.
Lila unwittingly starts off a chain of events that will forever alter fate for both hunter and hunted as she learns they have been waiting for her...
Inspired by the legend of the femme fatale goddess, Artemis, Wolf Sirens is a compelling gothic masterpiece of paranormal romance.
Forbidden, Fever, Night Fall and the soon to be released Dusk in Shade - all continue the tale of Lila Crain, the heroine with the chip on her shoulder, on an epic paranormal journey in which forbidden love threatens to destroy the underworld.

Fever by Tina Smith
Wolf Sirens # 2

Fever by Tina Smith is the second book in the Wolf Sirens series.  I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but this installment was lackluster and left me feeling confused.

At the end of book one I felt invested in this series and these characters.  I felt Lila’s pain and really fell in love with Sky.  I wish that the author would have taken this series in another direction.  I felt confused while I was reading this addition.  I wanted more resolve with Sky and this just left me feeling WTF.  And the whole legend added more confusion.

I was put off by the plot and felt bored most of the time.  The beginning and middle was so slow but I did start to enjoy myself at the half way mark.  It picked up toward the end but was still confusing.

All in all, I might continue with this series to see what happened to Sky and to see if I can get some answers.  I am really sitting on the fence with this one.   

Let me say that I really wanted to like this book because I enjoyed this first installment so much!


Eternally Cursed to Love & Not Purely Desire…

Temperatures rise as the flames of longing still burn in the thrilling sequel to Wolf Sirens Forbidden. The legend continues. Apollo, god of deadly plague, conspires to undo his sister’s legacy. The wolves exist between two worlds, one in the town another in the forest.

Prophecy says hunters and wolves are cursed to a mutual attraction. Increasingly, each successive slayer becomes more alluring to the wolf. The predestined enemies struggle, to both resist and contain their fierce rivalry in a conflict powerful enough to tear two worlds apart.
A shadow has fallen over the heartlands of myth and reality. The chosen is reborn broken-hearted, in the scorching embers of grief. Devastated, Lila trains tirelessly as the assassin. She must submit to deliver justice and protect the innocent of Shade.

But is it love or revenge which motivates her?

Will the huntress or her heart prevail? Breaking away from the call of destiny and fearing betrayal, Lila makes a desperate escape in search of her lost beloved. The intensity between two ancient enemies ignites. The history of the wolf pack is revealed as devotion and desire in the underworld reaches fever pitch.

If The Bite Doesn't Get You, Then the Fever Will

Fever, the sequel to Forbidden further unfolds the tale of the heroine femme fatale, on her journey in the underworld between the lands of myth and reality.

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