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     Have you ever read a book and thought that the first part was fabulous and had you in stitches, and then you got to the middle, and from there on, you wondered if the author was in a possible time crunch or did they just lose steam? That's how I felt about Wallbanger. The first half was hilarious and witty, and then when I got past the middle, I felt this shift in the story. Additionally, a shift in the writing style/form, not consistent with the first half. To be honest, from the moment that the text messages appear and the secondary characters start having POV's of their own, she lost me as an interested, engaged reader. And, I hate that, too, because the potential was there, but the consistency was not. 

     The second half: it wasn't as funny or cute, and I found myself not laughing quite as much. And the things that I thought were funny and cute and original in the first half, were now, at this point, way overused and drawn out. There's a point, as an author, where you have to stop repeating the same joke or punch line, or it just becomes annoying and irritating to the reader. Well, that's how I feel, and that's how I felt about her "O", the pussy cat references, and even all of the Clive (the heroine's cat) mentions, which were grating on my nerves. Seriously, her cat was mentioned on page 7, page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11, page 13, page 14, page 16, page 17, page 18, page 24, page 25, page 26, page 27, page 28, page 29, page 30, page 31, page 34, page 36, page 38, page 39, page 40, page 45, page 47 (well, you get the picture). We get it- you're a cat lover! I don't even think that Old Yeller was mentioned on as many pages, and he was the story! 

     Looking at it, I really don't understand how this book has so many five stars on Amazon. Color me puzzled. It was more like a beach read; light and easy. Forgettable after a day or so. The cover will stay with you longer than the actual story will. Final thoughts: if this book is on sale and you're in need of a good laugh from a romance book, get it, but if you have to pay full price for it, my advise is to skip it. I wished I had. Oh well, that's my thoughts. Peace out;)

Wallbanger - 2.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Susannah B;)


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