Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Code Red

Code Red by Amy Noelle

I was fortunate to get an ARC of this phenomenal read, Code Red, that releases April, 11 2013. This book was more than I expected by far. I have had it on my reader for awhile waiting to review it closer to the release date; that was a huge mistake. This novel was by far the best I have read in weeks! The alluring characters and the concept of a broken heart are intriguing to say the least. The cast of supportive girlfriends I would definitely hang out with. I love their sarcastic banter! This book was an overall homerun. I give Code Red a solid 4 ½ star review. I would love a sequel to this story or at least Ryan and Jen’s story.

Nicole Magette got her heart broken in college and vowed to never fall in love again. Her besties Jen, Ashley, Kim, and Mandy have always been there for her and each other, so who needs a man. They vow to call a “Code Red” when one of them are affected by a man and might get hurt. Seven year later three out of the fabulous five have called a code red and are now married to the men. Nicole turned into a man eater, use them and never look back. So when hot Joshua Daniels walks into her office when she is writing an email about why her vibrator is better than a real man, she feels the need to call her code red. Can this code red be the one?

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