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Elemental is a prequel novella written by Brigid Kemmerer. It is set five years prior to the first full-length book in her Elemental series, Storm. This book is about Michael Merrick, the oldest of four brothers that are Elementals or individuals that can control an element such as air, water, earth, etc. Michael is a pure Elemental though, meaning that he's more powerful than other Elementals and considered more dangerous. His element is the earth. Emily is the heroine in the story, and she is able to manipulate air. However, her abilities are far weaker and not considered to be a threat. 

Coming in at forty-nine pages, there's not much more to say here, other than Michael's short story has wet my appetite to read more from this series. On the whole, I typically tend to bypass novellas, but I enjoyed this one, and consider it a good prelude for what's to come. If you're having doubts based on the cover, please disregard it, as it does appear to be a little on the cheesy side (open, unbuttoned shirt + poor attempt at seductive look + weird looking stick thingy = yikes!)

Reviewed by Susannah B;)

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