Monday, March 11, 2013


Spellbinding by Maya Gold

Spellbinding is a cute, entertaining read for younger YA audiences. This coming of age novel with a magical twist will have readers trapped in its spell. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the fast paced plot seems to flow just right and the characters develop well. If you are looking for a light YA read this could be your book. I give this review 3 stars.

The beginning of this book starts off as a dream sequence where Abby Silva, heroine, is drowning and being accused as a witch. Her real life is not much better; she is unnoticed and blending in the background at school. She has a crush on Mr. Popular, who of course has a girlfriend who is the epitome of a mean girl, and is in desperate need of her driver’s license and a job. She is given a school assignment to research her genealogy which leads her to Salem, and to Rem. Rem is they boy in Abby’s which dreams, and it doesn’t hurt that he is hot. There is an instant connection that Abby must get to the bottom of.

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