Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do Over

Do Over by Shannon Guymon


This book was a cute quick read. Guymon does a great job at creating a sweet read.  The characters have a charming, but witty challenge to overcome in their past relationships, setting the scene for romance.  Do Over was a very entertaining read.


Iris is crushed when she finds out her husband of four hours has been cheating on her their entire engagement.  After filing for an annulment, she leaves Seattle for Utah and makes rebellious changes to her appearance.  Trey has a close nit family and a broken heart when his ex-girlfriend leaves him and marries another man.  Trey meets Iris and is enamored with her wild hair and biker boots.  She is heart broken and he swore off women, but when his sister-in-law wants to hook him up her derives a plan.  He wants Iris to be his “fake” girlfriend so his family will leave him alone.  With this duo is "fake" enough?


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