Monday, January 21, 2013


FLAWED by Kate Avelyn

First, I want to thank Liz at Entangled Publishing for providing me a copy of this book. I have never spoken to a nicer editor, and one who was so easy to work with. I have reviewed for Entangled’s Brazen series, but I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are my own. Thank you!

Flawed is a dark, emotional young adult read that addresses touchy subjects and gray areas that might have some readers shying away from the start. If one is looking for a light, easy romantic read with rainbows and butterflies and perfect worlds, you won’t find it here. Flawed is a complex and devastatingly beautiful story that will stay with you long after you’ve read it. It’s a story about hope and having the strength to overcome and rise above the adversities that life hands you. Is it for everyone? No, but if you decide to take a chance on Flawed, prepare to have a box of tissue on hand.

Reviewed by Susannah

From the Back Cover

Sarah O'Brien is alive because of the pact she and her brother made twelve years ago -- James will protect her from their violent father if she promises to never leave him. For years, she's watched James destroy his life to save hers. If all he asks for in return is her affection, she'll give it freely.

Until, with a tiny kiss and a broken mind, he asks for more than she can give.

Sam Donavon has been James's best friend -- and the boy Sarah's had a crush on -- for as long as she can remember. As their forbidden relationship deepens, Sarah knows she's in trouble. Quiet, serious Sam has decided he's going to save her. Neither of them realizes James is far more unstable than her father ever was, or that he's not about to let Sarah forget her half of the pact...

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